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How to Upgrade Your Suspension for Off Roading

How to Upgrade Your Suspension for Off Roading
If you love off-roading, then you already know the amount of abuse your truck can take on such recreational activities. There are manufacturers that make vehicles just for this. All terrain vehicles (ATV) like the three and four-wheeler are specifically designed to navigate off of highways and onto tough terrain. There are even some trucks and SUVs that are designed for the road and also built to withstand challenging turf.

ATVs are specifically built for off-roading, and they look like it too! Take a look at some of the ATV vehicles here.

Some of other ATV hybrids are Jeeps, Hummers, Ford, Land Rovers, GMC, and Dodge to name a few. The thing about some of the hybrid off-roading vehicles is that even these suspension parts will wear out over time as well.

About Off-Roading

If you are taking your truck or SUV out on an off-roading excursion on a frequent basis, you’ll soon begin to notice a difference in the suspension system. Bumps will eventually start feeling a little harder and you’ll also notice that they are more frequent. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with the terrain. It could just mean that your suspension system is beginning to flatten out.

What this means is that the springs that make up your suspension system is not “springing” back to its original form. When that happens, it’s time to get your vehicle suspension system checked out, because if you don’t, serious and permanent damage could happen that will render your truck or SUV inoperable.

Aftermarket Suspensions Parts

The best way to prolong the life of your off-roading vehicle is install your suspension parts with replacements that can withstand the roughness that an unpaved road can bring about. Here is a list of recommended suspension parts you might want to consider for off-roading activities:

SuperSpringsThis is an easy-to-install suspension part that attaches to your existing leaf springs that will significantly increase your load capacity. The design of these SuperSprings allows this attachment to be put to use only when needed. The rolling shackles activate when the leaf springs begin to flatten out due the amount of weight it is taking on. This is where the SuperSprings kick in with its rollers, providing extra support for those bumps in the roads.

Roadmaster Active SuspensionBring balance to your load with this suspension part. The good thing about standard leaf spring attachments is that it will definitely increase the load capacity and amount of pressure your vehicle takes on. The side effects to such remedies may cause for a more sensitive ride. With off-roading, there is not such thing as a smooth ride, but with the Roadmaster Active Suspension system, it will bring balance to your rides, preventing any unnecessary swaying that might cause your vehicle to roll over.

Heavy Duty Coil Springs – As the SuperSprings and Roadmaster Suspension system support the back end of your vehicle, you are going to need something just as durable to support the weight being shifted from the back end to the front. This is where the Heavy Duty Coil Springs come in. These are more durable than your factory installed coil springs and won’t compress as easy. To learn more about Heavy Duty Coil Springs, read, “How to Check Your Current Coil Spring’s Durability.”

If you have more questions about the type of suspension parts that your off-roading vehicle might benefit from, contact General Spring toll free at 888-829-0619. Residents in the New Century, Kansas City area can bring their ATV in for an inspection by calling 913-829-0619 to schedule an appointment. Even if you live out-of-state, contact us online and we’ll answer any questions you may have right now!