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Jeep CJ & Jeep DJ Leaf Springs

Older Jeeps are one-of-a-kind and deserve the best parts when in need of repair or an upgrade. Finding a trustworthy company that sells the suspension parts you need to keep your Jeep in top shape can be difficult. General Spring has been around since 1965, specializing in supplying only the best leaf springs that meet or succeed OEM standards.

Shop online to see our wide selection of replacement front, rear and heavy-duty Jeep CJ and Jeep DJ leaf springs. Not only can you expect exceptional quality, but you will also find our leaf springs won't break the bank. A Jeep's suspension should never have to wait to get the parts it needs.

Need New Leaf Springs for Your Jeep CJ or Jeep DJ?

Like most Jeeps, these older models from 1945 to 1986 have seen long drives up mountains, snowy roads and a nice stretch of highway. Jeeps are made to go through all different kinds of conditions and hold up well. Still, after a long period of hard drives, you might have noticed your Jeep handles differently.

If you notice your Jeep CJ or DJ is sagging or making loud squeaking noises, or even just leaning or swaying as you drive, it may be time to give it some attention. Sagging, leaning, swaying and unusual noises could be signs you need new leaf springs for your Jeep.

Either of these models could experience these signs of worn leaf springs. New leaf springs can restore your Jeep's original height and handling. You'll feel the difference right away.

OEM Leaf Springs and Heavy Duty Upgrades

General Spring leaf springs are made in the U.S. by skilled crafters who use only the highest quality material. Extending the life of your Jeep CJ or Jeep DJ with new OEM leaf springs can guarantee your Jeep rides more smoothly and handles any drive with ease.

Our selection for Jeep CJ leaf springs is vast. We carry front leaf springs for CJ and DJ models manufactured from 1945 to 1975, offering five to 12-leaf configurations and a weight capacity ranging from 645 pounds to 1,130 pounds. Our rear leaf spring options for these Jeep models have a leaf configuration range from five to 13 and a weight capacity range of 800 pounds to a maximum of 1,580.

We also carry front and rear leaf springs for Jeep CJ models manufactured between 1976 and 1986. Visit the product page for more information about these CJ models.

If you don't see the leaf springs you are looking for or have leaf springs with certain specifications in mind, contact us through email or a toll-free phone call.

Shop With General Spring

We have been a trusted authority in leaf springs since 1965, so you can always expect a great leaf spring when you order online. If you would prefer to contact General Spring through a phone call, just dial 1-888-829-0619. You can also contact us online to talk to an expert about what your project needs.