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Custom Add a Leaf
Custom Add a Leaf
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custom add a leaf

Need an add a leaf not readily available or just looking to replace a single broken leaf then build your own custom add a leaf. We'll try to explain this as good as possible so if you have questions feel free to call toll free at 888-829-0619.

Step 1 - Measure the width of the leaf spring.

Step 2 - Decide how thick of steel you want for your custom add a leaf (Usually a good idea to stick with the same gauge as your current leaf springs or one step below or above). Gauge is figure by decimals of an inch so .237 is that of an inch or barely under 1/4" where as a .499 gauge would be just under 1/2".

Step 3 - Determine the length required. There will be two measurements for this step because the majority of leaf springs are offset with the front being shorter than the rear. You first need to figure out where there is adequate space for the new leaf to go. If you look at the drawing above then you'll see there is a small area between leaf #1 and leaf #2 so you'd have to be pretty accurate on this measurement because the leafs need to stay in a staggered configuration. Lets say leaf #2 measures 24" from the end to the center bolt and 28" from the center bolt to the other end then to make your new leaf above this you would put your measurements as 24-1/2" x 28-1/2". In this case you may be better off putting the add a leaf between leaf #2 and #3 because there is quite a bit of space in there. So remembering our 24 x 28 measurement and assuming leaf #3 is 20 x 24 then it's usually best to split the difference and make your add a leaf 22 x 26. Always measure following the arch of the leaf spring to ensure you get the proper measurements.

Step 4 - Determine the arch. If you were to put the add a leaf upside down on the ground and measured from the ground to the center bolt hole this would be your arch. This is easier said then done since your springs are probably sitting on your vehicle so the best way is to make a straight line on the spring above your desired location for your add a leaf from one end to the other and measure from the center bolt to this line and if you want to achieve more than the standard lift an add a leaf will give you then add some extra arch to your order.

Step 5 - Tip Inserts. Tip Inserts or squeak pads are important because they reduce friction and prevent squeaking while distributing the weight over the entire tip insert eliminating the shear point caused by metal on metal contact. When tip inserts are requested we punch the holes 1-1/4" from the end of the spring so just make sure the spring belows edge will not be sitting on this hole.

Step 6 - Center Bolt Size. Figure what diameter and length of center bolt you need and it's usually beneficial to go a little longer because you can always cut off the extra.

Step 7 - Determine Quantity. If you are doing an add a leaf then your quantity will be 2. If you are replacing a single broken leaf then your quantity will be 1.