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Leaf Springs for Dummies

Leaf Springs for DummiesYou may know that leaf springs are the backbone of your vehicle suspension system, but do you know how they work? Without leaf springs to absorb the shock, you would feel every knock and jar from every pothole or uneven road. Imagine if your axle was connected directly to the body or your car or truck, you will see that every time the wheels and axle move upwards the body does so as well. This would cause the passengers to move with the vehicle and feel every bump.

How Do Leaf Springs Work?

Leaf springs are long bundles of spring material that flex when under pressure from the moving of a vehicle’s axle. The ends of the leaf spring bundle are attached to the chassis of the car or truck, and the axle is then attached to the center of the leaves. When the axle moves on various road conditions, the leaves compress and absorb the motion rather than transferring all the energy directly to the chassis.

Of course if your leaf springs become worn, cracked or broken they will not perform the function necessary to ensure a smooth ride. If your leaf springs have gotten to the point where you can feel every bump, or you hear a crunching sound when driving on rough terrain, it is past time to have them inspected and replaced. It’s better to not let them get to this condition in order to avoid more costly suspension repairs.

Early inspection is the best way to prevent suspension damage. One easy way to see if you are starting to have trouble is to park your vehicle on an even surface and look at the vehicle from the front and back while crouching low. If your car or truck is sitting lower on one side than the other, it might be that your leaf springs are sagging and need to be replaced before they break. You should also remove the tires and inspect for cracks or wear on the leaf springs after removing any dirt and grime with a wire brush.

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