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Chevy Leaf Spring Shackles

Shackles and hangers play a critical role in the suspension system of trucks, allowing the leaf springs to flex properly and adjust to the contours of the road.

If you’ve noticed that your truck, van or SUV isn’t absorbing bumps or handling rough terrain like it used to, replacing your Chevy front or rear leaf spring shackles and hangers is often the most effective and affordable solution. Installation is quick and easy, providing the look you want and the performance you need from your vehicle.

When you’re in the market for shackles or spring hangers for Chevy trucks, General Spring is the go-to source for everything you require at extremely competitive prices. Whether you’re searching for lift shackles for a Chevy truck to raise its lift height or leaf spring hangers for restoring a classic pickup, we have you covered. We carry an extensive selection of products in stock and ready to ship.

Browse our online selection to find the products that fit your truck model or give us a call for assistance finding exactly what you need. We can even provide a custom solution based on your unique specifications.

Buying Chevy Truck Leaf Springs and Hangers

The suspension shackles and hangers connected to your leaf spring wear down over time, resulting in diminished performance, a bumpy ride and unsafe driving conditions. When your Chevy shackles are rusted and cracked or the hangers are damaged beyond repair, it’s time to replace them with a top-quality aftermarket alternative from General Spring. Shackles can also be used as an economical way to raise or lower the lift height of your cab without having to undertake a larger repair or replacement job.

When you shop with us, you’ll find an array of options for Chevy and GMC trucks manufactured between 1937 and 2011. Our highly skilled and experienced team will be happy to help you find all the products you require to repair, replace or upgrade your suspension. We carry steel lift shackles for Chevy trucks and front and rear leaf spring shackles as well as Chevy front or rear leaf spring hangers.

Contact Us About Chevy Shackles and Spring Hangers

We’ve been in the business of helping do-it-yourselfers and professional mechanics find the leaf springs and suspension parts they’re looking for at an affordable price. We offer a convenient online shopping experience, including personalized customer accounts, quick and easy checkout and fast shipping to U.S. locations with international delivery options available.

Additional reasons to choose General Spring as your trusted source for Chevy truck leaf spring hangers and shackles include:

  • Reliable company that’s been in business since 1965
  • Excellent warranty and expert technical support
  • Extensive selection of leaf springs and related products
  • Customer service dedicated to your complete satisfaction

Call General Spring at 1-888-829-0619 or get in touch online for additional information on our broad range of spring hangers and front and rear lift shackles for Chevy trucks. Our knowledge sale representatives will be happy to assist in registering an account and placing an order today.