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2005 - 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 / Prerunner rear leaf spring shackle 2005 - 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 / Prerunner rear leaf spring shackle

Includes 1 Shackle
Includes 2 14mm Bolts
Sold Per Side - Order Quantity 2 for a pair

Our Price: $69.99

Toyota Tundra Shackles and Leaf Spring Hangers

Toyota vehicles have a reputation for delivering an exceptionally long service life if properly cared for and maintained. Replacing the shackles and hangers in your leaf spring suspension system is a smart and affordable way to ensure you get the most out of your Toyota Tundra pickup while dialing the look and profile just the way you want it.

If you’re searching for a Toyota Tundra shackle kit or quality aftermarket leaf spring hangers, General Spring is a single reliable source for everything you require.

When to Buy Tundra Hangers and Shackle Kits

The original leaf springs, shackles and hangers in your truck’s suspension system are only built to last a finite amount of time before they wear down, rust and eventually give out. Since the shackles and hangers are critical to allowing the springs to handle roads and bumpy terrain, damaged components lead to safety concerns for you, your family and other motorists.

Replacing Tundra rear shackles or spring hangers provides a quick, easy and affordable fix.

An Impressive Selection of Tundra Rear Spring Hangers and Shackles

We carry replacement suspension parts for Toyota Tacoma models ranging from 1995 to late-model vehicles, including Tundra rear shackles. We are always stocked with the products you’re searching for and will ship them to you fast to get your truck back on the road and looking great as soon as possible. No other online source can match our combination of lower prices and the quality of our products and services.

If you can’t find the Toyota Tundra shackles or any other parts you require on our website, give us a call for assistance. Our skilled team of professionals will work with you to identify the right product or solution for your specific vehicle. From expert advice to live technical support, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your project is successful.

Ordering Tundra Shackles and Spring Hangers From General Spring

It’s our goal to reduce the time and expense of shopping for leaf springs and suspension products online. We’re a mature company with over 50 years’ experience helping mechanics and do-it-yourselfers achieve the results they desire without breaking the bank. When you shop with us, you benefit from:

  • Convenient ordering, secure checkout and prompt shipping
  • Live support from seasoned industry professionals
  • Products built to last and perform under the toughest conditions
  • Wide variety of leaf springs, shackles and hangers in stock

Are you tired of feeling every bump in the road? Do you wish your truck had a higher profile or sat lower to the ground? A Toyota Tundra shackle kit from General Spring is the cost-effective answer you’re searching for. Give us a call at 1-888-829-0619 or get in touch online for product information and additional details.