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Chevy Suburban Leaf Springs

When you own a vehicle with the size and capacity of a Chevy Suburban, you understand the importance of having a suspension system capable of delivering a safe and smooth ride. If you’ve noticed your truck isn’t sitting up as high as it used to, or you’re feeling every bump in the road, it’s likely a sign that your Suburban’s stock leaf springs are starting to wear down.

Whether you’re a certified mechanic or simply believe when it comes to fixing trucks it’s better to do it yourself, General Springs is a go-to source for the Suburban stock and heavy-duty leaf springs you require to economically keep your truck operating in peak condition.

OEM Replacement Leaf Springs

Over time and with regular use, the steel in the leaf springs on your vehicle begins to fatigue and flatten down, causing diminished ride performance and weight capacity. When your Chevrolet Suburban front leaf springs or rear leaf springs begin to show signs of cracking, braking or wearing out, replacing them is an effective way to regain the comfortable ride and rugged durability your full-sized sport utility vehicle is known for. In cases where factory manufactured parts are cost-prohibitive or difficult to find, our OEM replacement leaf springs offer a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Our Suburban leaf spring replacement products are an exceptional solution for those who:

  • Need to replace worn-out leaf springs to breathe new life into an older truck
  • Have a cracked or broken front or rear leaf spring resulting from an impact or accident
  • Are searching for a replacement part for an older model where parts are no longer readily available
  • Are upgrading a truck to perform in heavy-duty applications and rugged terrains

Massive Inventory of Chevy Suburban Leaf Springs for Sale

At General Spring, we specialize in offering suspension products designed to provide a more affordable way to repair, restore or customize cars and trucks. We carry one of the largest selections of Chevrolet Suburban rear leaf springs and front leaf springs in stock for models manufactured from 1967 through 1999. Our broad capabilities also allow us to have Suburban leaf spring replacements custom-designed to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of Buying Chevrolet Suburban Leaf Springs From General Spring

Experience the difference of shopping for Suburban leaf springs from an online dealer that’s been in business since 1965. When you call us to find the right replacement product or for technical support, you can be sure you’re going to get accurate advice from the same individuals who work in our shop and know how to install springs.

There’s never any hassle or runaround, and you always get the correct parts you need the first time, at a competitive price. We also offer:

  • Secure shopping and registered accounts
  • Fast shipping on all orders
  • One-year warranty on leaf springs

Give us a call or contact us online for additional details and to place your order for Suburban OEM replacement leaf springs today.

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