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Replacement Ford F-150/F-100 Leaf Springs

There’s no question that Ford owners are passionate about their trucks. When it’s time to replace or upgrade your leaf springs, you want a quality part that will deliver the performance and reliability you expect of genuine Ford components. At the same time, new leaf springs can be a major expense.

General Spring carries heavy-duty replacement Ford F-150 leaf springs that offer all the performance of OEM at an aftermarket price point. Working with some of today’s leading manufacturers — and bolstered by our extensive in-house customization capabilities — we offer affordable solutions for all F-100 and F-150 owners. Browse our inventory by following the links on this page.

Complete Leaf Spring Packages for Ford Trucks

General Spring is your source for complete turnkey solutions. We have been a dedicated partner to both professionals and do-it-yourselfers since 1965. Whether you are replacing a suspension that has worn out over time, or are upgrading from the stock F-150 leaf springs, we can connect you with the right components for your truck.

It is highly recommended that all hardware such as U-bolts and hangers be replaced when installing a new leaf spring on an F-150 or F-100. General Spring is your one-stop online shop for everything you need to get the job done properly. Get in touch with one of our representatives for technical details or assistance putting together a complete package for your next repair.

Quality Products Tough Enough for Your Truck

All F-150 leaf springs sold on our website are manufactured by a North American full member of the Spring Research Institute (SRI). One way our products exceed OEM quality is through the use of metal riveted rebound clips. On a stock F-150 leaf spring, these clips will bend over time, leading to squeaking, grinding and premature wear. A riveted clip provides a tighter fit, reducing shifting and rebounding, and improving overall performance when hauling a heavy load.

Legacy Springs for Older Ford Trucks

It’s not uncommon to see an older F-150 or even an F-100 still in use today. While many replacement components for these legacy vehicles have been discontinued by Ford, we maintain an extensive inventory of F-100 leaf springs ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice. In fact, we carry parts for Ford trucks dating as far back as 1942.

Over the years, there have been many variants and one-offs in the F-series lineup. If you need help finding a specialty item not listed on our website, call our office directly. If we can’t source the right item for your truck, there’s a good chance we can fabricate an alternative.

Order Online From the F-150 Leaf Spring Pros

Buy an F-150 leaf spring online from General Spring and we’ll ship your purchase to you as quickly as possible. Orders are fulfilled from locations all across the country, which gives our team the unique opportunity to serve as many automotive professionals and enthusiasts as possible.

If you’ve ever received a damaged or incorrect part from another supplier, you know how important this last step can be. At General Spring, it’s just one of the ways we go the extra mile for our customers, and it’s one more reason why we’re your best bet for replacement leaf springs for your F-100 or F-150.

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