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Replacement Ford F-350 Leaf Springs

If you’re like many F-350 owners, you demand a lot of your truck and expect it to deliver reliable service. You should expect the same of your parts suppliers, too. General Spring is a leading provider of high-quality Ford F-350 replacement leaf springs and hardware. We offer exceptional products at an exceptional price, and we back up everything we sell with expert service you won’t get at a big box parts store.

When it’s time to replace the leaf springs on your Ford F-350, we can help. Follow the links on this page to shop by model year or learn more about your options for upgrading your suspension.

The GSC Brand — What Does It Mean?

One thing you’ll notice about our F-350 leaf springs is that each is a GSC-brand product. This lets you know you’re getting a part that came from us directly and has passed through our warehouse and our team of quality control professionals. All products at minimum meet Ford specifications for F-350 OEM replacement leaf springs — many even exceed them to offer additional performance benefits for heavy-duty use.

We source our F-350 leaf springs exclusively from manufacturers who are full members of the Spring Research Institute (SRI), and then we perform testing and modification as necessary to confirm you are receiving a high-quality product. The GSC stamp is a measure of confidence in our products, one that speaks to the level of detail and commitment we put into everything we do. To prove it, all GSC-marked Ford F-350 leaf spring replacements are backed by our exclusive one-year warranty.

Service You Can Trust

Quality leaf springs are only one half of what makes General Spring different. We employ a small staff of trained professionals who understand our products and our customers. When you call in, you’ll speak directly with a real person whose primary goal is to ensure you get the right part for your truck. Whether you’re looking for a straight replacement of a stock F-350 leaf spring or a heavy-duty upgrade that will last longer and perform better in rough conditions, we’ll steer you in the right direction.

While other companies come and go, we’ve been in business steadily since 1965. To provide the best service possible, we’ve kept our focus narrowed almost exclusively to leaf springs. This lets us keep an extensive inventory ready to ship out to you, without compromising quality control or selling you short in other ways.

The Do-It-Yourself Experts

We sell F-350 leaf springs to both auto repair professionals and home enthusiasts alike. If you need advice about a repair or upgrade, one call to our office is all it takes. We also sell U-bolts and other hardware, and we recommend replacing them when putting in a new set of springs on your truck.

Keep browsing our website to shop online for replacement leaf springs for your F-350. With support for Ford F-series trucks dating back to the first generation, there’s no better partner for your next big repair than General Spring.

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