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E-450 Ford Van Leaf Springs

The super-duty-class Ford E-450 van is known for its durability and versatility in commercial and fleet use. Whether deployed as a cargo van for hauling production materials or packages out for delivery or a passenger school bus or mode of public transportation, over time, the leaf springs will start to wear out and need to be replaced. At General Spring, we specialize in helping professional and amateur mechanics complete repairs on aging vans economically and efficiently.

When You Need Ford E-450 Replacement Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are critical parts of a commercial bus or van's suspension system that absorb force and impacts while supporting the weight of the body, passengers and cargo. As they are put under enormous stress, eventually, the factory-installed metal springs will begin to sag, crack, corrode and break. If your Ford E Series van is sitting lower to the ground than usual, causing the back tires to flatten out, or can no longer carry to maximum capacity, chances are good the aging suspension system is the cause.

Repairing or restoring your suspension is easy and affordable using our leaf spring replacement kits. Work is typically completed in a single day, with just a handful of parts and tools required. We offer easy-to-follow instructions, online resources and live technical assistance and after-installation support.

Finding the Right Leaf Springs for Your E-450 Van

It's critical when replacing the leaf springs on a super-duty van such as the E-450 to use precision-manufactured parts that fit your vehicle and meet OEM quality standards. General Spring carries a complete selection of solutions for upgrading or repairing the suspension of E Series super-duty models from 1996 through 1998. Whether you require standard E-450 rear leaf springs with a 5,100-pound capacity or a heavy-duty solution, we have the parts you need at a competitive price.

General Spring also has the broad capabilities to deliver custom-designed E-450 Ford van leaf springs. We'll work based on your specifications and input to engineer a solution tailored to your unique application or vehicle modification.

Ordering E-450 Van Leaf Springs From a Reliable Source

The General Spring website is designed to make it simple to find the products that fit your particular vehicles. We offer private customer accounts for an even smoother process as well as secure checkout and quick turnaround times. If you're having trouble finding exactly what you need, let us know and our live representatives will be happy to assist.

Additional reasons to partner with us for leaf springs for Ford E-450 vans include:

  • Competitive prices that are typically the lowest you'll find anywhere
  • Fast shipping across the country, with international options available
  • Reliable service and support before, during and after installation

Get in Touch to Order Your E Series Super-Duty Leaf Spring Kits

Trust the company that's been the leaf spring and suspension authority since 1965. Place your online order for E-450 leaf springs today, or give us a call or submit our contact form for more information.