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Freightliner Leaf Springs

Manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, the Freightliner Sprinter is a well-known model of light commercial vehicles used as a van, chassis cab, minibus and pickup. Whether you manage a fleet or own a Freightliner for personal or business uses, servicing and repairing the leaf springs is critical to maintaining a safe and smooth ride for your passengers and cargo.

As a leading source for replacement Freightliner leaf springs as well as a complete range of coil springs, add a leafs, load support and attaching parts, General Spring is the one-stop shop for everything you require. We'll help you find the Sprinter leaf springs you're searching for fast, to eliminate downtime and maximize productivity.

When to Replace Your Freightliner Sprinter Leaf Springs

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Leaf Springs are used on van and truck suspensions to improve carry and tow capacity as well as ride quality and handling. When leaf springs get old and begin to crack, rust, bend and break, it's necessary to replace them. Luckily, our Sprinter leaf springs are an easy and economical way to extend the service life of your commercial vehicles and improve your bottom line.

If you've noticed your Sprinter is sagging close to the pavement, leans to the side and struggles when fully loaded with passengers, it's likely time to replace your springs. Additional warning signs you need new Freightliner leaf springs include when the back end of the vehicle sways and bounces and it's difficult to control on bumpy and winding roads. If you're not sure if you need new springs, perform a visual inspection of your vehicle or have your mechanics take a closer look.

An Extensive Selection of Freightliner Front and Rear Leaf Springs

General Spring front and rear leaf springs fit right onto your existing parts and meet or exceed original manufacturer (OEM) quality. We carry 2002 to 2013 leaf springs for Sprinter models in a variety of types and configurations. Our Freightliner rear leaf springs come in three different setups — one leaf, two leaf and three leaf systems — to meet your requirements. We also carry Sprinter front leaf springs for vans manufactured from 2002 to 2006.

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As the leaf springs and suspension authority since 1965, General Spring has the experience and technical expertise to help you find the products that efficiently fit your requirements. In addition to our standard products, we also design and manufacturer customized solutions for heavy-duty and specialty applications. More reasons to partner with us include:

  • Products made in North America meeting strict quality standards
  • A reliable company that's been serving our customers for generations
  • Secure online ordering and fast shipping to your desired location
  • After-sale assistance to ensure a successful installation

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Don't take a change with unreliable drop-shippers and big box stores when you can get a great price on a quality product from General Spring. Get in touch with us on the phone or by submitting our online form to request more information and to place your order today.