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Mercury Leaf Springs

General Spring offers the biggest selection of Mercury Leaf Springs. Looking for an OEM replacement, heavy-duty or lifted set? We have you covered. We go above and beyond by offering multiple options because we know one size does not fit all. If you don't see what you are looking for, then feel free to call — we want to be sure you are 100% satisfied, so if we don't have the springs you need, we'll make them.

We stock every type of Mercury leaf spring you need for your older models, including Mercury vehicles manufactured as far back as 1949. General Spring leaf springs are OEM quality or better!

Does Your Mercury Need New Leaf Springs?

Every Mercury vehicle is different. A Mercury Monarch requires different leaf springs from a Mercury Cougar. If your Mercury is in need of new leaf springs, don't put off buying a set.
Your Mercury's suspension tells you when you should look into a new leaf spring through bumpy rides or if the vehicle appears to be sagging in the back. Maybe you are noticing noises when driving over bumps. Sounds from a Mercury's suspension could be a sign your leaf springs are worn or could even have a tear. Worn leaf springs occur over time through the stress of weight on the vehicle and routine daily use.

Driving with worn or torn leaf springs could cause a critical issue when on the road. Getting your Mercury's suspension in top shape by replacing the worn springs with new General Spring leaf springs can save you money on repairs and give you back a smoother, quieter drive.

OEM Leaf Springs and Heavy-Duty Upgrades

Here at General Spring, we have an extensive inventory and carry a wide assortment of leaf springs for Mercury vehicles. General Spring can even customize leaf springs for your Mercury.
General Spring offers rear leaf springs with six to eight-leaf configurations for Mercury models manufactured from 1949 to 1956. For Mercury Comet models, we have four to five-leaf configurations with heavy-duty and lifted options. Our Mercury Cougar inventory includes rear leaf springs with four to five-leaf configurations with lifted, and standard and improved handling leaf springs are available.
We also offer rear leaf springs with four to five-leaf configurations for Mercury Monarchs and Bobcats. Cyclone and Montego options are readily available as well, including four-leaf configured rear leaf springs and Cyclone four-leaf configured sets with the choice of 429 rear leaf springs.
General Spring aftermarket leaf springs are OEM quality or better at a more affordable price than other leaf spring sellers. We have been working with leaf springs since 1965 and have continued to uphold only the best standards for the suspension products we sell.
You can look at the leaf springs we offer using the links on this page. If you have any questions or need a customized leaf spring, feel free to contact our sales team.

Why Choose General Spring?

General spring works exclusively with Spring Research Institute members who commit to making sure every leaf spring we produce is of the highest quality. We inspect every leaf spring before it ships, so the leaf springs you ordered will arrive free of any defects or damages. Careful inspection of our leaf springs allows us to offer an exclusive one-year warranty on all replacement springs.
Have questions? Please call us toll-free at 1-888-829-0619. Our sales team is made up of the same people who are in the shop building and installing springs, so any technical questions you have can be answered immediately and accurately. We want to ensure you get the correct OEM Mercury leaf springs without the hassle and inaccuracy you may receive from other companies.