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Leaf Springs or Super Springs: How to Decide

Leaf Springs or Super Springs: How to DecideHaving a large vehicle or truck often means you will be using it for some heavy-duty operations like attaching a snowplow or hauling a heavy trailer. For tough duties like this it is important to have a suspension system that can handle the load, and the factory-installed leaf springs are very often not up for the task. When your suspension system needs an upgrade, there are two good options available: upgrading to heavy-duty leaf springs or adding Super Springs, but which is the right option for you? Here is some helpful information about how each one works to help you decide.

What are the Benefits of Heavy-Duty Leaf Springs?

Heavy-duty leaf springs are used as a replacement for your existing leaf springs, but are designed to take much heavier loads. By installing a heavy-duty leaf spring, you’ll have thicker leaf springs that can hold a larger load without sagging and breaking as a regular leaf spring would do under the heavy load.

The use of a heavy-duty leaf spring is extremely well suited for such applications as installing a snowplow to your truck where an additional load will always be present on the leaf springs. The heavy-duty leaf springs never need a break from these types of loads.

What are the Benefits of Super Springs?

Super Springs are designed to sit on top of the leaf springs that are already installed on your vehicle. They are only engaged when the load on the leaf springs becomes too much and the leaves flatten out from the load and the Super Springs take over the remaining load. This is ideal for an application where you will occasionally have a heavy load, but often ride empty. In this way, you do not have a problem with sitting too high when riding empty. If you are occasionally adding a heavy trailer that would cause your regular leaf springs to bottom out, but normally ride without it, Super Springs are definitely something to consider.

General Spring: Your One Stop for Quality Suspension and Quality Service

If you are making a decision on upgrading your suspension, our team at General Spring is the best place to turn for knowledgeable advice. The General Spring team is knowledgeable in leaf springs, coil springs, load support and attachment parts. We virtually have everything you need to keep your suspension system working great. We are confident that our team can help you find the right type of suspension product at a price that is affordable.

Full Service

Since we have a full service shop in the New Century, KS area, the team that will be assisting you find the right suspension products are the same technicians who install these same products on vehicles just like yours. These experts have the technical expertise to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

Experience Counts!

We have been experts in the automotive suspension business for almost 50 years and in this time we have learned quite a bit about picking the right product for the job. We use this knowledge to make sure you’re purchasing the right products. Even though we are full service shop we also have the capability to ship out top quality suspension products to the entire United States and around the world. So, if you are ready to increase your suspension system, take a look at our online inventory and call us today or contact us online. We can be reached locally at 913-829-0619 and national customers can call us toll free at 1-888-829-0619.

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1999 - 2006 F450 / F550 Super Duty rear leaf spring, 9 leaf, 5900 lb capacity 1999 - 2006 F450 / F550 Super Duty rear leaf spring, 9 leaf, 5900 lb capacity

  • Spring Capacity = 5900 lbs
  • Width = 3
  • # of Leaves = 9/Pad
  • Measures (A/B) = 25 x 30-3/4
  • Pack Thickness = 4-3/8
  • Bushings Included
  • Sold Per Side - Order Quantity 2 for a pair

Our Price: $249.99
1999 - 2016 F450 / F550/ E550 Super Duty rear leaf spring, 10 leaf, 8000 lb capacity 1999 - 2016 F450 / F550/ E550 Super Duty rear leaf spring, 10 leaf, 8000 lb capacity

  • Spring Capacity = 8000 lbs
  • Width = 3
  • # of Leaves = 10
  • Measures (A/B) = 25 x 30-3/4
  • Pack Thickness = 5-5/16
  • Bushings Included
  • Sold Per Side - Order Quantity 2 for a pair

Our Price: $299.99
SSA20 SuperSprings Helper Spring Nissan Titan SSA20 SuperSprings Helper Spring Nissan Titan

SuperSprings Self-Adjusting Suspension Stabilizers work with your current suspension to reduce sway and increase load capacity while never needing any adjustments due to the roller design.

  • Increase Load and Tow Capacity without Increasing Ride Stiffness
  • Reduce Sway - Independently tested to give 29% improvement in driver control
  • Maintenance Free and No Adjustments Needed
  • Easy to Install - Most Kits Install in Less than 30 Minutes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sold as Kit - Order 1 per Vehicle
  • Free Shipping to Continental U.S.
  • Dimension - 47" Long x 3" Wide x .447 gauge
  • 1350 Pounds Spring Capacity Increase

SuperSprings are progressive in nature in that they work on an as-needed basis. The installed springs are under nominal tension even when the vehicle is unloaded. This is so there is no rattle or noise and the patented rollers will activate automatically.

As a vehicle with rear leaf springs comes under load the factory springs react as they are designed to. The center of the springs move vertically causing the overall leaves to flex and flatten out. This movement in the factory spring activates the SuperSpring through the rollers at the end of each leaf. Because the SuperSpring rollers aSupersprings Shacklere under tension, a movement in the factory spring causes them to move, seeking their new point of least resistance. This simple roller principal allows the SuperSprings to activate and deactivate automatically, free of any manual adjustment.

The SuperSprings are length specific to fit varying sized leaf springs. In addition the different lengths typically are manufactured in light, medium and heavy duty strengths. The sole adjustment on the SuperSprings is found in the roller shackles at the end of each leaf. The typical shackle has two bolt holes, as shown in the diagram below though some single hole and three holed shackles are used. The most common installation involves positioning all four rollers in the lower (furthest from the eye of the SuperSpring / closest to the ground) bolt holes. This ensures the least amount of preload tension on the SuperSprings and keeps the vehicle closest to its original factory ride conditions. Upper bolt holes may be used if additional lift is desired in the vehicle; if clearance from obstructions is required or if the installation is on an older vehicle with some fatigue in the springs.

SuperSprings enhance load carrying capacity, handling and towing. Do not load any vehicle beyond the manufacturers gross vehicle weight rating.

Our Price: $499.99