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Ford F150 SuperSprings Suspension Kits

Some kits require a Mounting Kit (MTKT). If required you will be given the option to add once you click on the Kit# so take note if your application requires the Mounting Kit MTKT.

Kit #
MTKT Required
F150 (dual gas tank models only) 86-99 SSA7 YES 1100
F150 F100 (Light Duty < 7500 GVWR) - Regular Loading 73-15 SSA5 YES 950
F150 F100 (Light Duty < 7500 GVWR) - Heavier Loading 73-15 SSA28 YES 1500
F150 (>8200 GVWR) 04-15 SSA28 NO 1500
So what do you do when you have an awesome Ford F150 but you squat when you put on a trailer or load the bed down? With the combination of our shop experience and online reviews we know that SuperSprings will give you that additional spring capacity you are looking for. Nobody wants a sagging rear end and this is an ideal solution to keep the rear end level while keeping a great ride quality either loaded or empty. Install is simple as this SuperSprings helper system simply bolts on top of your existing leaf springs with common hand tools and takes less than an hour to install. Go ahead and feel confident next time you put a load of rocks in your F150 or hitch up that boat for a weekend on the lake. Have any questions then feel free to call us at 1-888-829-0619 as the same guys answering the phones are the same guys installing SuperSprings out in the shop and have plenty of first hand experience.