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What is the Average Life Expectancy of Your New Leaf Springs?

What is the Average Life Expectancy of Your New Leaf Springs?Many different factors can lead to leaf spring wear, and because of this there is no easy way to determine how long a set of new leaf springs will last. The weight and frequency of loads, along with wear from dirt and grime, can all lead to early wear. However, if you are used to riding with a light load and clean and maintain your leaf springs regularly, you can expect to get a surprisingly long life out of your suspension.

How Can You Tell If Your Leaf Springs are Worn?

An easy way to check the health of your suspension, including your leaf springs, is to park on a level surface and look at the vehicle from a low vantage point to see if it’s sitting lower on one side, which could indicate an uneven wear on your leaf springs. If you see this behavior, then doing a more thorough inspection.

When inspecting your leaf springs, look for wear in the areas where two parts of the leaf springs meet. It is when metal components rub together that you can experience wear of the spring metal, which can lead to cracks, or broken springs that can cause problems with your suspension system.

How Do You Maintain Your Leaf Springs?

The best defense against leaf spring wear is to perform a routine inspection. With the car or truck suspended, remove the tire so that you have good access to the leaf springs and other suspension parts. You will find that the leaf springs could be coated with dirt, grit, or grime, so first clean them off with a cloth and with a wire brush.

Once the leaf springs are clean, you can look at the leaf springs a little better for wear, cracks and breaks. It’s also possible that the leaves could have moved due to loosening of the brackets. It is sometimes possible to nudge these back by hammering and tightening the clamps, but do not do this if any wear has started to show on the leaf springs. Unless the leaves are still in good condition, replacement would be your best choice.

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