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What's the Difference Between a Leaf Spring and a Coil Spring?

What's the Difference Between a Leaf Spring and a Coil Spring?

Many people think that a leaf spring and coil spring are interchangeable, or that you have the option of selecting one over the other for your vehicle. This is not the case. Your vehicle has either been built with leaf springs or coil springs. This really all depends on the kind of vehicle that’s being built and its overall intent on how it’s going to function.

Learning about Leaf Springs

There are trucks that are used for heavy-duty work purposes and trucks that are used as passenger vehicles. Depending on the scope of work that the truck is intended for, perhaps a leaf spring is necessary, as they are typically installed on the back part of your chassis near the axle. This is most useful for flatbed trucks that carry an excessive amount of weight on the back. The leaf springs provide enough tension to take a certain amount of weight while keeping the truck from swaying or tipping over.

Leaf springs are especially good for towing. As additional weight gets hitched on to a truck for pulling, if that truck doesn’t have the proper type of leaf springs installed, or if they’re cracked or worn, the leaf springs will bottom out, causing the additional weight from the towed vehicle to weigh on the back of the truck that eventually makes it sag. This is not a good look! If this is not addressed right away, there could be permanent damage to your truck rendering it inoperable.

Other vehicles like SUV, vans, and even recreational vehicles can benefit from leaf springs. Leaf springs are installed in most passenger vehicles, but for any truck, van, or SUV that may be used to tow or haul weight beyond its capacity, replacement leaf springs or other suspension add-ons will provide the extra support. Supersprings or Roadmaster Suspension are examples of this.

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Learning about Coil Springs

You’re either going to need a leaf spring or a coil spring. For work vehicles, and heavy-duty industrial purposes, oftentimes the coils springs are used. Coil springs are typically installed on the front end of a vehicle. This suspension system is perfect for snowplows, crane lifters, and even for recreational off-roading vehicles.

The coil spring provides a resistance that retracts with the amount of pressure weighed on the vehicle. With this type of suspension system, your vehicle will be able to take on a massive amount of weight while providing a smooth ride.

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General Springs: Your Automotive Suspension Provider

If you have any more questions about knowing whether your truck, van, SUV, or recreational vehicle could benefit from a suspension replacement part, call the experts at General Spring. We have a huge inventory of leaf springs and coil springs in our warehouse in New Century, KS.

If you are near the area, you can place your order with us today and pick it up within the same week. If you live outside the New Century, KS area, we can ship your suspension part out to you, no matter where you live in the United States.

So give General Spring a call today, toll free at 888-829-0619, or locally at 913-829-0619. For your convenience, you can also contact us online right now!

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