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Dec 3rd 2020

An Overview of a Truck’s Suspension

An Overview of a Truck’s Suspension

Improving the suspension system on a truck is one of the biggest changes that drivers make to their vehicle. While what the factory has already installed in the vehicle is sufficient, if the truck is used for purposes other than casual use, chances are a stronger type of suspension will be needed to better handle the load.

Doesn’t Replacing Factory Parts Hurt a Truck?

The myth that installing replacement parts in place of factory-installed parts will never make the vehicle the same is not always true. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t destroy your truck’s existing suspension by replacing it with better parts. The fact of the matter is, if you plan to use your truck to haul or tow, replacing your suspension system with better parts is the best thing that you can do for your truck. Even if you don’t tow or haul frequently, getting a better suspension system to take on rough roads, or even the ones with pot-holes, cracks, and mounds will make your truck last longer.

Why a Suspension System is So Important

Without a proper suspension system, your truck would have a bumpy ride. You’d essentially be going back to the days of riding a horse and carriage, feeling every bump on the road, making your ride uncomfortable and compromising any load you may be hauling or towing. A good suspension system also levels the ride keeping it from tipping or swaying when turning corners.

The Components of a Truck’s Suspension

The suspension system connects to the chassis of your truck. On the back of your tires, you’ll find leaf springs that are connected to the axle. On the front end, you might find coil springs. To learn more about how leaf springs are used, click here. If you’re more interested in how coil springs work, read “Coil Springs and Its Uses” here. Some other crucial parts to a truck’s suspension system are U-bolts, timbrens, shackles, and spring perches. Additional parts include, but are not limited to Heavy Duty Coil Springs, Add-a-Leaf Kits, and Roadmaster Suspension to name a few.

How a Good Suspension System Benefit Trucks

Basically, all trucks are built with the rear being higher than the front. This is so that it can accommodate the additional load on the bed, or hold up to any towing tasks. As a result, the truck may look unleveled. For the truck owners that use their vehicle for casual use, they may want to add some suspension to the front end of their vehicle to make it sit level. This is where you might want to look for someone who can install the right type of suspension part for you. Even if you have a truck for a specific work task, it’s important that you get the right kind of suspension replacement.

General Springs: The Automotive Suspension Parts Experts

While you can always go to your local auto parts store, they may not have the knowledge and expertise of recommending the right kind of suspension part to you. General Spring has been the authority on automotive suspension parts since 1965. We have seen the suspension systems evolve and work well for certain vehicles better than others, which is why we guarantee that we can not only find the best suspension system for you, but we can also install it, or if you prefer, we can ship it right to you anywhere in the United States. So call us today at 888-829-0619 or contact us through our online form today!