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Dec 6th 2020

Factors to Consider When Replacing Coil Springs

Factors to Consider When Replacing Coil Springs

Your suspension system literally keeps your wheels on the road. Without proper suspension holding the wheels and axles away from the body of your car, van, truck, or SUV your entire vehicle would bounce up and down the road at every bump. This would mean you don’t have adequate tire traction making contact with the road for either steering or stopping. You rely on your car or truck to keep your wheels on the road, and your car or truck relies on your suspension system to allow the axles to move along even on rough terrain.

However, your suspension system relies on the coil and leaf springs to be in good working order for all of this to happen and keep you safe. If your coil springs are beginning to wear, it is wise to ensure that you get a good replacement so that your vehicle can safely return to the road without suffering similar problems to those that cause you to need a replacement.

Road Salt Can Cause the Rusting of Coil Springs

Not all coil springs are the same, and some are better with handling the harsh conditions of road salt and chemicals than others. If you are finding that you need to replace your coil springs because it they are rusting and weakening, consider going with a manufacturer that can custom design your coil springs. The team at General Spring can help you design the right one.

Larger Loads Require Heavy Duty Coil Springs

If you are using your truck to haul heavy loads, it is important to know what the maximum capacity your suspension can handle. Springs will lose their ability to spring back from compression over time as the steel stretches, and this can happen faster when loads larger than the spring is rated for are applied. If you are overloading your suspension, you can be prematurely wearing out your springs. If you need to haul a heavy load, and your regular coil springs are not up to the job, why not consider heavy-duty coil springs to improve the load capacity of your vehicle without changing out your entire suspension system?

Quality Suspension Products and Superior Customer Service

At General Spring we know that you want your suspension system to work, so we have dedicated a lot of time to gathering the knowledge required to help you find the right product for your needs the first time around. We have been experts in the automotive suspension business for almost 50 years. We understand what it takes to provide the best customer service when you are replacing your coil springs or other suspension system equipment.

General Spring can also ship the suspension products you need across the country or around the world. Call us locally at 913-829-0619 or toll free at 1-888-829-0619 to find out more about our selection of replacement coil springs. When you need replacement parts for your suspension, General Spring definitely has the products and service you need.

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