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Dec 6th 2020

What Are the Best Leaf Springs or Coil Springs for Mudding?

What Are the Best Leaf Springs or Coil Springs for Mudding?

Most truck suspension systems are built to provide excellent hauling and towing capacity and smooth handling on paved roads and highway. If you are using your truck for mudding or off-roading, a factory-installed suspension is just not going to cut it! For mudding, you want a suspension that will sit high and absorb the bumps that come with the big hills and sudden drops that are common when you’re taking your truck off-road.

The impacts and demands of off-roading in extreme conditions are too much for a standard leaf spring suspension. Having a heavy-duty suspension upgrade will prevent your axle from bottoming out, hitting your chassis and either causing damage, or an uncomfortable ride for you and your passengers. At General Spring, we provide a variety of options in leaf springs and coil springs for mudding. But what are the best suspension products to make your mudding experience the greatest it can be?

Leaf Springs: The Backbone of the Suspension System

Any suspension will have the invaluable leaf spring as the main item used to absorb a load, so it is only logical that you can turn here to improve the load capacity of the suspension system. By replacing the factory leaf springs with heavy-duty leaf springs, you can quite easily increase the load capacity, improving the springiness of your suspension and thus improving the ride of your truck when mudding.

Depending on the truck you are using, there are super heavy-duty leaf springs available that have a variety of different load capacities. It’s important to make sure you purchase the right heavy-duty leaf spring for your truck. At General Spring, we carry kits for virtually any make or model year of pickup. We also have the ability to custom-design leaf springs for older models where parts are hard to find, or to accommodate a unique application.

If you aren't exactly sure which leaf springs for mudding are right for your vehicle, let us know and we'll be happy to help identify the products that represent the best fit.

Coil Springs: Heavy Duty Additions to the Leaf Spring

Another common thought for improving the suspension for off-roading applications is the addition of coil springs behind the leaf springs. These will add quite a bit of tension and capacity to the suspension, and will significantly increase the capacity of the existing leaf springs, helping to absorb the shocks of driving over rough terrain. Coil springs can easily add significant capacity to each leaf spring to help increase the ability and versatility of your suspension.

It’s important to note that heavy-duty coil springs are mostly used for farm use, or work trucks and can greatly increase the rigidness of the ride, which means they may not be the best choice for a mudding vehicle. Standard coil springs are better for the fast transitions of off-roading and comfortably navigating soft and muddy terrains. SuperSprings: Innovative Suspension Parts for Improved Handling and CapacityAnother option for configuring leaf springs for mudding is installing SuperSprings that attach to your existing equipment and instantly upgrade load capacity. The great thing about SuperSprings is they only engage when needed to give a smooth and controlled ride. When the leaf springs flatten out under the weight of the vehicle, specially-designed rolling shackles activate to provide added support to handle the bumpiest roads. Units come in light, medium and heavy loading options and can improve handling up to 30%.

General Spring: The Team to Find the Right Mudding Suspension for You

At General Spring, we have been in the leaf spring and suspension business for almost 50 years, and we have a dedicated service team to help you find the right suspension upgrades for your unique case. We specialize in leaf springs, coil springs, add-a-leafs, load support and attachment parts, so we have everything you’ll need to get your truck ready for all things mud-related.

We're proud to carry quality aftermarket replacement parts that help professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers complete repair and upgrade projects economically and efficiently. All of our coil springs and leaf springs for mudding are made by reliable North American manufacturers using top-quality materials. Products are designed to ensure a perfect fit with your factory original suspension parts for easy installation and long-lasting performance that meets or exceeds OEM standards.

Getting Advice from Experienced Professionals

As the leaf spring and suspension authority since 1965, you can trust us for industry-leading product knowledge and reliable guidance and technical support. Also, since we are a full-service shop, our technicians who answer your calls are the same people who work with our suspension products every day. If you have a very unique requirement, we can even have leaf springs made to your particular specifications.

Trust General Spring for the Best Leaf Springs and Coil Springs for MuddingIf your leaf springs are worn-out and need replacing because of damage due to off-roading, or you want to upgrade your system to handle the most challenging wet and muddy conditions, we have you covered. We keep a massive inventory in stock to ensure we have the parts you are looking for ready to ship, so you can get your pickup out of the garage and back in action performing like a champion.

When you partner with us to upgrade suspension for mudding, you benefit from competitive prices and fast and affordable nationwide shipping. All of our products are inspected for quality and dependability and come backed by a one-year warranty. Finding what you're looking for is simple using our well-organized website, and you can keep track of payments, deliveries and returns by registering for a secure, personalized account .

If you need to work on your suspension, we are here to provide the advice and products you need. Feel free to get in touch with us for your suspension needs, as we ship our products anywhere in the world. You can contact us online for more information on the best leaf springs or coil springs for mudding and to request assistance in placing your order.