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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Truck Should Have Heavy Duty Coil Springs

The purpose of automotive coil springs is to absorb a considerable amount of weight for a truck to carry. By reinforcing your truck with Heavy Duty Coils Springs, it will increase its capacity load as well as prevent sagging from the added weight. It also gives a vehicle a 1” lift.

Have you ever noticed that the heavy-duty vehicles of a city’s street and state department stand particularly taller than most commercial trucks? That is because they are designed to haul heavy loads like salt, snow, and other debris that might block a road.

One does not have to be in the million-dollar commerce industry to benefit from Heavy Duty Coil Springs. There are many ways one can benefit from this item. Here are the top 5 reasons your truck should have Heavy Duty Coil Springs:

1. Snow Plowing Season

One doesn’t need to be employed by the state or city to plow snow. Many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the winter season by adding a plow to their truck to make some extra money. In addition to the plow and lighting regulations, it is highly recommended to replace factory manufactured springs with Heavy Duty Coils springs. Your truck will last longer for it.

2. Agricultural Tasks

Anyone who owns a considerable amount of land finds that they may have a certain amount of responsibilities like hauling and towing. The cargo could be animals, equipment, heavy branches or gravel. In this case, it is not about how much you are carrying, it is about how often. If you find that you are using your truck for more tasks than casual transport, consider reinforcing your truck with some Heavy Duty Coil Springs.

3. Transporting Overbearing Loads

Having a flatbed truck may not be enough for a task. Chances are, if you own a truck, you will be asked to transport something—like helping a friend move! Whether it’s a one-time favor or a repeated task, making sure your truck is able to handle the assignment—expected or unexpected will increase the longevity of your vehicle.

4. Deliveries

Builders and contractors will benefit from supporting their work vehicles with coil springs. The load amount in addition to the amount of mileage, your truck is going to need all the support it can get!

For do-it-yourself projects, instead of paying a local home improvement store for shipping and delivery, save money by picking up supplies and/or new appliances with your truck. Here’s the catch: It better be equipped with Heavy Duty Coil Springs! Otherwise, the axles on your truck might pay for it!

5. Recreational Vehicles

For the adventurers who take interest in water sports, cycling, camping, or anything that requires hauling motorized vehicles, it is strongly suggested to get your truck checked out to make sure it has enough suspension to tote these massive items. Even if the manufacturer of a truck claims that it is already equipped with Heavy Duty Coil Springs, it is most advantageous to look into getting them replaced from a trusted manufacturer that can supply you with quality, custom-made coil springs.

Getting your truck replaced with Heavy Duty Coil Springs doesn’t always require a good reason. Remember, these Heavy Duty Springs will give your truck a nice 1” lift, and some might argue that feature alone makes it look good! Additionally, these Heavy Duty Coil Springs are designed to absorb any shock or bumps in the road making for a smooth ride.

General Spring: Your Heavy Duty Supplier!

If you are looking for quality Heavy Duty Coil Springs, we can help. We can answer any questions that you might have regarding coil springs and auto suspension. Our company has been specializing in load support and attachment parts since 1965. We are more than happy to assist you with the best possible suspension solution for your vehicle. Call General Spring toll free at 888-829-0619 to place your order today!

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Heavy Duty Coil Springs for 1988 - 2000 Chevrolet C3500 Extra Super Duty - 3250 rate per coil Heavy Duty Coil Springs for 1988 - 2000 Chevrolet C3500 Extra Super Duty - 3250 rate per coil

Made in USA and sold as a pair.

Super Duty Coil Springs are custom designed to give you 1000 pounds of additional load handling capability per pair with a maximum of 1/2 inch increase in ride height at zero additional load. Coated with an attractive silver-gray baked on epoxy finish. Super Duty Coil Springs are the only practical helper spring alternative when shock absorbers are mounted inside the coil spring and are an excellent choice for vehicles equipped with diesel engines or snow plows. Super Duty Coil Springs also require no maintenance making them an excellent load handling solution for fleet vehicles, pickups, vans and motorhomes. Super Duty Coil Springs improve the handling and ride quality of heavily loaded vehicles, thereby reducing driver fatigue and increasing safety and efficiency.

Our Price: $169.99
Heavy Duty Coil Springs for 2005 - 2016 F250 / F350 4x4 - 3750 rate per coil Heavy Duty Coil Springs for 2005 - 2016 F250 / F350 4x4 - 3750 rate per coil

2005 - 2013 F250 / F350 Ford Super Duty 4x4 Heavy Duty Front Coil Springs

TUFTRUCK brand coils are an ideal solution to under-sprung or sagged front ends on domestic light trucks and vans. Whether you're adding a snowplow or a heavy-duty bumper with winch, we can help you.

The TUFTRUCK line of Super Heavy Duty Coil Spring Upgrades beats anything on the market today and covers many major pick up truck brands as well as motor homes, old and new.

We've been providing quality suspension products to the automotive industry for almost 100 years. Our manufacturing process is carefully controlled in our ISO9001-2008 factory, using North American alloy steel and employing state-of-the-art technology and equipment from the furnace to the finishing.

  • Sold as a pair - Order 1 kit per vehicle.
  • 3750 lbs per coil
  • Gives 2-1/2" - 3" Lift

Our Price: $259.99