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Details to Consider When Choosing Leaf Spring Suspension

Details to Consider When Choosing Leaf Spring SuspensionOver time leaf springs will sag, break and crack. Eventually, they need to be replaced. This is simply an unfortunate certainty of leaf springs. The steel in the leaf springs can stretch and the packs themselves can become loose and lead to problems with the suspension system itself. If you find yourself in need of replacement leaf springs there are a few things to consider for the best results.

Stock Leaf Springs or Heavy Duty?

You may be replacing your leaf springs because they have stretched over time and you just want to get back to your vehicle’s original condition. If so, General Spring has a large number of OEM leaf springs for most cars and trucks. By putting these springs in, you will return to stock condition and have many years of safe and comfortable driving ahead of you.

If however, you want to increase the load capacity of your truck, General Spring has heavy-duty leaf springs that will do just that. By upgrading to heavy-duty springs, you can carry more in your truck, car, van, or SUV, which means fewer trips for you. We even carry SuperSprings, which are additional attachments to the standard design leaf spring to provide added capacity and load tolerance.

Not All Leaf Springs are Created Equal

At General Spring we have learned a few tips over the years on how to improve leaf springs for better performance above and beyond what is require by the OEMs. One major modification we have implemented over the years is an improved clip design that incorporates metal riveted clips with clip bolts. By using this clip design you get extra strength on the clips, which eliminate the squeaking that sometimes occurs in this section of the leaf spring. This improvement over OEM specifications sets General Spring leaf springs apart from the competition, even with the best prices in the industry.

General Spring: Everything You Need to Know about Leaf Springs

The team at General Spring specializes in leaf springs for all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs so we know what is needed in a leaf spring to make your suspension system work properly. With 50 years in the business of automotive and truck suspensions, our experts have the knowledge and advice you need to pick the right product for your need. We even have a full service shop if you are in the area of New Century, Kansas. We even have the ability to make custom leaf springs for vehicles with hard to find parts.

Along with our full service shop we are also set up to ship our product throughout the entire United States and anywhere else in the world. So if you need the right products for your vehicle be sure to call us now. Take a look at our official website to learn about all the suspension services we have to offer. Call us today at 1-888-829-0619. With the best suspension products in the business and top quality advice we know you will be happy with your new suspension system.

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2002 - 2008 Ram 1500 heavy duty rear leaf spring, 5(4/1) leaves, 2200 lbs capacity

  • Spring Capacity = 2200 lbs
  • Width = 2-1/2
  • # of Leaves = 5(4/1)
  • Measures (A/B) = 31-1/4 x 32
  • Pack Thickness = 2-1/4
  • Bushings Included
  • Sold Per Side - Order Quantity 2 for a pair

Our Price: $119.99
1999 - 2015 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500, 1999 - 2010 2500 & 3500 rear leaf spring, 2600 lbs capacity, 6(5/1) leaves

  • Spring Capacity = 2600 lbs
  • Width = 2-1/2
  • # of Leaves = 6(5/1)
  • Measures (A/B) = 32 x 32
  • Pack Thickness = 3-9/16
  • Bushings Included
  • Sold Per Side - Order Quantity 2 for a pair

Our Price: $169.99
2009 - 2014 F150 rear leaf spring, 4(3/1) leaves, 1900 lbs capacity

  • Spring Capacity = 1900 lbs
  • Width = 3
  • # of Leaves = 4(3/1)
  • Measures (A/B) = 31-5/8 x 31-5/8
  • Pack Thickness = 2-1/8
  • Bushings Included
  • Sold Per Side - Order Quantity 2 for a pair

Our Price: $169.99