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Replacement Ford F-250 Leaf Springs

The Ford F-250 is a mainstay among construction crews, agricultural operations and anyone who desires additional durability and hauling performance. In these applications, rough conditions and a long day’s work can all do a number on a vehicle’s suspension.

When it’s time to replace your leaf springs, General Spring can help. We carry an extensive inventory of replacement parts from all eras of the F-250’s storied history. Working with a carefully chosen network of suppliers, we offer affordable Ford F-250 replacement leaf springs that meet the requirements of today’s demanding drivers. Check out our inventory of products by following the links on this page.

Our Products

We are highly selective in the products we sell, which is why we only offer F-250 leaf springs by manufacturers that are full members in the Spring Research Institute (SRI). The SRI is a leading industry organization committed to delivering an exceptionally high-quality product. We are confident enough in our suppliers to offer our own exclusive one-year warranty on every F-250 front and rear leaf spring we sell.

All our products meet or exceed specifications for Ford F-250 OEM leaf springs. We also routinely perform modifications for additional performance — for example, many of our F-250 springs use a custom metal riveted clip to prevent shifting and reduce noise. For details, see individual product pages.

When to Replace Your Leaf Springs

Your F-250’s leaf springs bear much of the stress when hauling heavy loads or moving through rough terrain. As a result, the lifespan of your leaf springs will vary depending on how and where you drive your truck. Worn springs will create a noticeable sagging in the rear of your pickup truck — routine visual inspections should be part of your regular preventative maintenance schedule.

Fortunately, a leaf spring replacement is a simple job that can be done in any reasonably well-equipped home garage. It is strongly recommended that, when replacing the leaf springs on an F-250, you change out the bolts and hardware as well. To make sure home mechanics have everything they need, we sell complete replacement kits containing all required hardware.

Upgrading Your Leaf Springs

Drivers who push their trucks hard can see significant benefits from upgrading to a set of heavy duty springs. While F-250 stock leaf springs from Ford offer enough performance for most tasks, particularly heavy loads may require a more durable part. Also, our heavy-duty F-250 leaf springs will last longer, making them especially useful in construction fleets and other applications where exposure to rough conditions is routine.

Fast Shipping and Excellent Service

Whether you’re buying stock F-250 leaf springs or a more rugged upgrade, make General Spring your first choice. We’ve been in business since 1965 and have an excellent reputation for great products and expert advice. Call our office, and you’ll speak with a US-based representative who is knowledgeable about our product line and is able to provide answers to any technical question.

Place an order online, and we’ll ship it within 24 hours, taking care to inspect your purchase and ensure it is accurate and damage-free. Most orders can be fulfilled in 24 hours or less — for rush service, speak with a sales representative directly.

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