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SuperSprings Helper Spring super springs
  • Gives your suspension the ability to handle heavy loads and towing
  • Eliminates vehicle squat, sag, sway and wheel hop without the stiffness
  • Gives you a nice smooth and controlled ride under load
  • Engages when needed to give optimal ride either empty or loaded
  • Combines the capacity of air bags, performance of shocks and sway control of a sway bar in just one spring
  • Simple to install as SuperSprings bolt right on top of your existing leaf springs
  • Keeps Trucks, Vans, SUVS, RV's all level when under heavy loads
  • Improves ride handling up to 30%
  • When extra support is needed the roller shackles automatically activate
  • Never have to worry about squeaks, groans, moans or rattles due to unique design
  • No hassle of having to worry about air bags biggest concerns of leaks, pinches or ruptures
  • No maintenance as there are no air lines to deal with
  • Choose what best fits your needs as many vehicle have multiple options of light, medium or heavy loading
  • Installation is a breeze taking less than 1 hour and can be done with regular, common hand tools
  • No Drilling or Cutting

Here at General Spring not only do we supply and ship parts through our website but we are a full service spring shop as well. We have first hand experience with many different products of which some are good and some are not so good. Since 1965 we've been doing add a leafs or new heavy duty leaf springs on trucks because there was really no other good option out there. Sure there are those cheap helper springs you buy from the local parts store but they are absolutely useless and we have taken many of those off on trucks, vans, SUV's because they don't do what they say they will and just disappoint the customers. We do airbags as well but try to avoid those because we don't like to waste our mechanic's time dealing with warranty work which seems to happen sometimes with the air bags due to leaks and ruptures. Big problem with the air bags as well is all of the pressure is in one area on the frame and we have actually seem multiple cracked frames due to this and of course is pretty dangerous.

So one day we hear of a product called SuperSprings and being a spring shop we're of course a little hesitant but it's what the customer wanted. We do a little research and everything checks out with people giving good reviews so we order a kit up for our customer. In comes a big yellow box with the SuperSprings kit inside so we open it up and it sure looks nice but will it work? It definitely looks a lot nicer than other kits we've seen with the full length tapered leaf along with the rolling scholastic shackles but appearance is useless without function.

We call up the customer to let them know the product arrived and we set a schedule to install. A couple days later the truck shows up and here we go. We jack up the truck and install the SuperSprings kit per the instructions which takes less than an hour and this is our first install ever on a SuperSprings so we're thinking can this helper kit really work yet be this easy to install? Remember we are used to having to completely take leaf springs out to replace the entire spring stack or adding a leaf which we build to give the extra spring capacity needed for hauling or towing. These other methods take hours to perform and we just did this in less than 60 minutes and it was our first time. The customer takes off and we have them give us updates after 48 hours, 1 week and 1 month. They absolutely love the SuperSprings on their truck. Not only does it not squat or sag with a heavy trailer on on but it doesn't effect the unloaded ride either keeping it smooth either loaded or unloaded. Another benefit was the huge reduction in sway as well.

So now we're sold! We can now give our customers another option to choose from and our mechanics love it too because it's simple to install and it actually works as it says it will. One of the most common questions we get asked is how can you make my truck or van carry more weight while keeping the ride as close to stock as possible? In the past this was impossible but now with SuperSprings we have a solution to haul or tow more weight, reduce sway, improve ride and best of all keep a smooth ride. It's a win for everyone and we now sell them online as well so we can share our experience with everyone around the country. We hope you choose us when you decide to purchase a SuperSprings kit because of our technical experience, great pricing and love of what we do. We have now installed many SuperSprings kits since that first day as well as sold and shipped online via our website and not once has someone came back with a warranty issue or claiming the overload kit didn't do what it would say it would. We love having options to give our customers and if you have any questions about what is the right fix for your vehicle then don't hesitate to call us toll free at 888-829-0619 so we can help assist in finding the perfect product for your rig.

Who Needs SuperSprings? Check out this video.