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Dec 6th 2020

Why Super Springs are a Necessary for Heavy Loads

Why Super Springs are a Necessary for Heavy Loads

Super Springs can be considered the “Hulk” of the Add-a-Leaf kit, but they are in no way to be confused with them. While Add-a-Leaf kits will support the existing leaf springs by a few pounds, Super Spring provides maximum support for lumbering loads and strenuous jobs, improving ride handling up to 30%.

What this means is that Super Springs are most advantageous for industrial vehicles like cranes, trucks, or even a charter bus. When you are operating a vehicle that has the duty of taking on tons of weight, consider Super Springs for the best suspension solution.

What is a Super Spring?

A Super Spring is a suspension system that is attached to your vehicle’s current leaf springs that will provide added support only when it’s needed. Unlike the over-the-counter helper spring attachments, the Super Spring stands completely on its own and is built for those industrial tasks that regular leaf springs would otherwise flatten out at. When leaf springs flatten out, your vehicle will start sagging. When your vehicle starts to sag, it can cause damage to the backside of the vehicle as well as the front end due to the bouncing back and forth because of the lack of suspension control.

How Exactly Do Super Springs Work?

The way it works is when a load is placed on at truck it weighs down, causing the leaf springs to stretch or flatten out some. Because the leaf springs are designed in a bow-like shape, the tension is increased, taking in all of the weight of the load. As long as the leaf spring keeps some sort of arch, it is performing its job. If the leaf spring flattens out completely, they are no good.

Super Springs help prevent leaf springs from flattening out based on the patented shackle with a dual roller system. The dual roller system that will always spin and move as leaf spring stretches out, the roller from the Super Spring is able to receive it, therefore absorbing the extra amount of weight that the leaf spring would not otherwise be able to take.

Who Benefits from Super Springs?

Anyone whose vehicle is sagging from the rear end can greatly benefit from Super Springs. Even if your vehicle isn’t used for industrial purposes, Super Springs will provide a nice and smooth controlled ride. With the help of Super Springs, your car, truck, van, SUV or recreational vehicle will be able to ride at an even level no matter how heavy of a load it bears.

Where Can You Find Your Super Springs?

Some vehicle operators and mechanics prefer Super Springs because they’re just easier to install. Supplementing leaf springs with other support leaves can often take hours to install, but with Super Springs, the installation can take as little as one hour. General Spring has a full stock of Super Springs for most Chevys, Fords, Nissans, Dodges, Mazdas, and Toyotas. When ordering online, please take in to consideration that some of these Super Springs may require a mounting kit.

If you have any questions regarding Super Springs and mounting kits, and getting them deliver right to your doorstep, call us toll free at 888-829-0619 or send us a question online.