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Dec 6th 2020

4 Reasons You Should Add Timbrens to Your Businesses Trucks

4 Reasons You Should Add Timbrens to Your Businesses Trucks

Business trucks take a lot of abuse by carrying the heaviest loads over the worst of road conditions. It is no wonder that the regular suspension systems on these trucks are often the hardest hit for wear and tear. To prevent this and improve the ride of your business vehicles, why not consider adding Timbrens to your suspension?

What are Timbrens?

Timbren kits have been around for over 30 years and are suspension enhancement systems that incorporate AEON hollow rubber springs to absorb the shocks you see during driving and automatically adjust for uneven loads and road conditions. Timbrens require no airlines of fittings that can cause leaks so they are easy to maintain, and they can be easily installed in minutes using basic hand tools for easy installation including no airlines to route or holes to drill.

Why Should You Use Timbrens on Your Business Trucks?

Business trucks get a lot of use and heavy loads can cause problems for the regular suspension system. Timbrens can help improve the regular suspension system of work trucks. Here are four main reasons that Timbrens are invaluable:

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Reduce Trailer Sway: Timbrens eliminate trailers wallowing when driven on the highway and prevent drifting in crosswinds or when you are passing heavy trucks.

Reduce Suspension Sag: When heavy loads cause your suspension to ride lower than is desired, the hollow cushion of the Timbrens are powerful and durable enough to carry the heaviest loads. By absorbing the road shock, Timbrens reduce the wear on suspension and eliminate bottoming out on bumps.

Prevent Body Roll: Many delivery vehicles tend to lean when turning corners or curves, and preventing this is part of the Timbrens unique design. Using a progressive rate suspension kit, you can improve how the weight is distributed in order to keep the vehicle level, reduce brake and tire wear and improve steering.

Improve Rough Rides: The rubber cushions in Timbrens are designed to take the impacts of road bumps and shocks so that they are not transferred to the truck body. This gives a more stable and smooth ride for your driver.

General Spring is the Place to Turn for Timbrens

Updating your suspension system by adding Timbrens can be a complex proposition and you want to make sure that you get quality parts and good advice when shopping for the right suspension system. For this and the best customer service in the market, turn to General Spring , the experts in the automotive suspension business for almost 50 years. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team has learned what it takes to satisfy our customers by finding the right suspension equipment.

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