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Nov 18th 2020

Aftermarket Suspension Parts You’ll Need for Your New Truck

Aftermarket Suspension Parts You’ll Need for Your New Truck

If you currently own or thinking about buying a truck—whether it is for work, or recreational purposes, there are some aftermarket parts that you might want to consider adding to it. Even if the purpose of the truck is for casual driving, it’s always wise to make sure that your vehicle is equipped to carry out any unexpected tasks.

The most crucial part of a truck is the suspension system. The suspension system balances out your vehicle when driving down bumpy roads, making turns, and braking.

Just as a braking system wears out and needs replaced, so do other parts of your suspension system. A vehicle’s suspension system is made up of springs, shock absorbers, tires, and everything that links a vehicle to its wheels. Its main purpose is to provide balance and keep the wheels on the ground during movement. This usually requires a type of push-pull technology that can wear some suspension parts out after a certain amount of mileage.

Then there are other aftermarket suspension parts that can supplement an existing suspension system, improving its overall performance. This is often needed when you buy a truck with the intention of loading it beyond its capacity. Not all of these suspension parts will always be needed, but may be necessary depending on what tasks you intend to use your truck for.

Here is a short list of aftermarket suspension parts you might want to consider for your new truck:


The Add-a-Leaf kit supports your existing factory leaf springs, increasing its capacity. It is the least expensive way to increase your vehicle’s holding power without having to replace the entire leaf spring. The Add-a-Leaf kit can allow an additional 700 lbs. to your truck. This particular kit provides a quick upgrade for casual drivers who occasionally use their trucks for strenuous tasks, like helping a friend move or hauling heavy items from a home goods or furniture store.


SuperSprings are another aftermarket add-on that balances out the weight applied on your truck. These could be considered the next step up from the Add-a-leaf kit when you feel that you need a little more suspension support.

One of the issues with Add-a-Leaf kits is that while they will increase the capacity load, it also tends to make the ride a bit more sensitive to bumps when unloaded. This might be acceptable for work trucks that are constantly hauling goods or even towing lightweight cargo. Drivers who don’t do as much towing or hauling could greatly benefit from SuperSprings, because these springs offer a consistent ride that reduces swaying in the road while absorbing the bumps and shock of rough terrain, providing a smoother ride for the passenger whether the truck is loaded, or unloaded.

Heavy-Duty Coil Springs

While the leaf springs and its supplemental parts are installed on the rear end of the truck, there needs to be some type of suspension on the front end to balance all of that energy. Tufttruck coils are the perfect solution for this. Heavy-Duty Coil Spring also maintains a level of balance when adding a snowplow or heavy-duty bumper to the front of a truck.

Roadmaster Active Suspension

This suspension system is a perfect supplement for your leaf spring and especially SuperSprings. The Roadmaster Active Suspension prevents your leaf springs from flattening out, preserving its bow-like shape ultimately pro-longing the life of it, and saving you the cost of replacing them sooner than needed.

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