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Dec 6th 2020

How the Constant Transporting of Crops Can Cause Strain on Your Leaf Springs

How the Constant Transporting of Crops Can Cause Strain on Your Leaf Springs

There’s no doubt about it, heavy-duty work vehicles, especially farm equipment, will endure a considerable amount of work oftentimes under harsh conditions. Although these types of hauling and towing equipment are built for such tasks, eventually parts began to wear out. In the case of farming equipment, the leaf springs are going to be one of the first mechanical parts that may need replaced.

This has nothing to do with the original build of the vehicle as aforementioned; it’s built for such a purpose. However, after frequently towing and pulling a considerable amount of weight, even the leaf springs on the best transport vehicles will wear out.

The Purpose of Leaf Springs

Remember the overall purpose of leaf springs is to tow or pull a sizable amount of weight. As the law of nature would have it, adding weight to your farm equipment will put a strain on the vehicle. It not only needs to be able to effortlessly hold that weight, it also needs to be able to move it. Without leaf springs, that vehicle couldn’t hold the weight, much less move it.

Leaf springs are designed to absorb the weight of a load, preventing that vehicle from swaying or sagging, bringing unnecessary weight on the axle, and causing it to snap, rendering the entire vehicle inoperable.

The Importance of Keeping Healthy Leaf Springs on Your Farm Equipment

For the heavier crops, it is a bit more obvious to some farmers that their suspension parts on their vehicle need to be in top shape. Yet even the lighter weight crops can cause a strain on your transporting equipment, especially if the tasks are frequent. Depending on what you are harvesting, crops don’t always weigh a lot. This doesn’t mean that the leaf springs won’t be affected by it.

Even though farm equipment may not acquire a lot of mileage, the wear and tear on these vehicles comes from the amount of weight they tow and carry. This means while everything on the vehicle looks as good as new, those leaf springs will have taken quite a beating. As a result, they will eventually show signs of cracking, flattening out, and sagging whenever weight is added to the vehicle.

Can This Be Avoided?

Not really. Once leaf springs have worn out, they are no longer of any use. There’s no repairing them and installing a leaf spring helper would be absolutely useless as they are designed to support a healthy leaf spring.

However, there is a solution! Replace them!

General Spring Leaf Spring Replacements

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