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Dec 6th 2020

GMC Van’s Heavy Duty Coil Springs from General Spring

GMC Van’s Heavy Duty Coil Springs from General Spring

When you are outfitting your truck or van to carry heavy loads, you will want to consider adding heavy-duty coil springs behind your leaf springs for added strength and durability. At General Spring, we stock heavy duty coil springs to improve the suspension of vehicles that will be used for farm use, snow plows, RFs and work trucks. You can be sure that the suspension professionals at General Spring can find whatever you need to improve the suspension of your GMC van.

How Do Coil Springs Work?

Most suspensions incorporate leaf springs that attach between the body of the vehicle and the axle. When the wheels hit a bump, the axle will jolt upwards and the leaf springs will absorb the force rather than transferring it to the body. However, if the vehicle is under a heavy load, the springs will be stretched to their capacity and you will feel the hit.

To improve on this common suspension problem, one option is to install coil springs behind the leaf springs. These extremely ridged coils of steel will force the leaf springs down from the body and will absorb a large portion of the load Therefore, the loads will not stretch the leaf springs to their limit and you will not have the bottoming out when you go over bumps or through potholes.

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What is Available for the GMC Van?

Heavy-duty coil springs for your GMC van differ between model and model year, so be sure to get the right size for your particular vehicle and its corresponding year. Capacities range from 2,670 - 5,000 lbs., so increasing your load capacity is definitely possible. At General Spring , we have springs available for all model years from 1973 onwards, and we can even custom design leaf springs if you have a particular project you need to fulfill.

General Springs: Your Experts for Any Suspension Enhancement

We have been in the leaf spring and suspension business for almost 50 years, and in this time our team of dedicated experts have learned what it takes to find the right suspension products for our customer’s unique needs. We specialize in leaf springs, coil springs, add a leafs, load support and attachment parts so you can be sure to find what you need, and we can ensure that you get the right product in working order through our unique warehousing process where we’re able to check each part’s quality before shipping to you.

As a full service shop in the New Century, KS area, our team works on installing suspension products every day; and it’s the same team that will answer your questions when you call. Along with installation services, we are also set up to ship out to the entire country and throughout the world.

If you are local to New Century, KS call us at 913-829-0619, and national customers can call us toll free at 1-888-829-0619. Whether you need to replace old, worn, cracked or broken springs or need a heavy-duty option for your GMC van, we’re here to help. Contact us today!