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Dec 6th 2020

How Add-a-Leaf Kits Improve Suspension Performance

How Add-a-Leaf Kits Improve Suspension Performance

If you are hauling around supplies, and feel that your vehicle could use a little more lift, but already have a decent suspension system, perhaps what you might need is an Add-a-Leaf kit.

The Add-a-Leaf kit is a more affordable way to add more support to your existing leaf spring suspension system. This kit allows you to avoid paying for the cost and labor to install brand new leaf springs. It is designed to increase the capacity of your truck, trailer, SUV, trailer, and recreational vehicle.

What Do Add-a-Leaf Kits Actually Do?

Add-a-Leaf kits adds a 2-3” lift to your vehicle. The additional leaf spring provides more tension to the existing leaf springs making it that much more shock absorbent from the bumpy roads, tough terrain and heavy loads.

It is installed near the axle between the smallest leaf and next to the largest leaf to re-arch your leaf spring for extra lift. This kit is especially good for trailers.

Have you ever noticed that annoying squeaking sound when you hit a bump in the road or when you’re weighing your vehicle down with an unprecedented amount of weight? That is the friction between the leaf springs and the axle. Some of the Add-a-Leaf kits come with an additional feature of tip inserts. The tip inserts that can also be referred to as squeak pads are provided to be installed on the end of the leaf to prevent the squeaking that metal on metal contact typically has while reducing the friction.

Add-a-Leaf Options

Add-a-Leaf kits come in two sizes: the short and full size. For maximum support and a better ride, the full size is highly recommended, as it will reduce the axle wrap. Although it is a kit, unless you are getting one custom-made, Add-a-Leaf kits will fit most vehicles, but not all. So it is not guaranteed that an over-the counter Add-a-Leaf kit will fit your vehicle.

Will Work on Most Vehicles

General Spring, a supplier of automotive suspension parts, manufactures custom-made Add-a-Leaf kits for Chevrolet/GMC, Ford, Dodge/Chrysler, Plymouth, and Toyota. These Add-a-Leaf kits are specifically arched, cut and punched to provide a perfect fit for our car, truck, van, SUV, trailer, or recreational vehicle.

More About Add-a-Leafs

This kit is made of thick steel that typically comes in pairs. It is highly unlikely that you’ll want to support just one leaf spring with and an Add-a-Leaf. Even if it appears that only one side needs the additional support, for the sake of your vehicle, it is highly recommended to understand that if you are going to replace one side of your vehicle suspension, then you must replace them both in order to achieve maximum weight distribution.

General Springs, Manufacturing the Leaf Spring You Need

General Springs has a warehouse stocked full of Add-a-Leaf kits for your vehicle that is ready to ship out upon ordering. If you are having trouble installing the Add-a-Leaf kit that you bought at your local auto parts store, perhaps what you need is one that is custom-designed. Chances are, getting a custom-made Add-a-Leaf kit may still be less expensive than replacing an entire leaf spring system.

So contact the automotive suspension experts at General Spring. We have over 50 years of servicing vehicles of all kinds perfecting its suspension system. View our online catalog of all the Add-a-Leaf kits that we have in stock. You can call us toll free at 888-829-0619 to place your order and we will ship your Add-a-Leaf kit directly to your doorstep. If you have other inquires, contact us online.