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Dec 6th 2020

How Roadmaster Active Suspensions Eliminate Shock

How Roadmaster Active Suspensions Eliminate Shock

When it comes to improving your suspension system, the first thing most mechanics might assume to do is replace the factory installed leaf springs with more durable ones. While the factory leaf springs certainly gets the job done to prevent shock absorption, they can only take so much added weight. So for towing or hauling heavy loads, a nice leaf spring replacement will often provide the necessary suspension needed to improve the extra amount of weight towed or hauled.

The only drawback to adding a heavy-duty leaf spring suspension system to your car, truck, van, or SUV is that your ride might be overly sensitive when it is not pulling the extra weight that it was designed for. Those springs are prepared to carry a respected amount of added weight, and the suspension system is waiting to absorb it. This means that it has a lot of tension. When that tension hits a bump on the road, the passengers will feel it if the vehicle is unloaded .

To avoid this type of inconsistency, upgrade your suspension with the Roadmaster Active Suspension system. This easy-to-install upgrade requires no drilling or welding. You can hire a mechanic to install it, or you can do it yourself. It just clips right on to your leaf springs and stays put by its own retention.

What Exactly Does it Do?

The Roadmaster Active Suspension provides an unhardened ride, with or without a load. So for towing trucks, this would be most beneficial. While the heavy-duty leaf spring can absorb shocks on the road, the Roadmaster absorbs the shock that the leaf spring takes, by simply holding them in its original bow-like position. It also eliminates wheel hop and axle wrap if ever your car, truck, van, or SUV is empty.

When your vehicle hits bumps in the road, it oftentimes gives a slight bounce. That is the leaf springs retracting. The Roadmaster Active Suspension takes the bounce away, giving your vehicle stability while eliminating sway. It ultimately provides better vehicle control while offering maximum load capacity. This is perfect for catering or transporting any fragile goods.

The Roadmaster Allows for a Steady Ride

For companies that own a fleet of vehicles specifically for transporting purposes—whether it is delicate goods or people, you want to make sure that the ride is smooth. Any bumps or turns in the road can be a liability that can cost your business money. When a vehicle endures anything other than a smooth ride, it will absorb shock. That shock can cause discomfort in a ride and move items from one side of a vehicle to another. The Roadmaster Active Suspension system eliminates these shocks offering a smoother ride.

If you purchase your Roadmaster Active Suspension system from General Spring, you will receive a two-year warranty and fast shipping anywhere in the United States.

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