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Dec 6th 2020

How to Check Your Current Coil Springs Durability

How to Check Your Current Coil Springs Durability

Coil springs, like all springs can wear over time and not offer the protection they first provided. This is because the springs are made from steel and over time, the compressive forces will cause the metal to permanently deform so that it does not return to its original position. While this is expected, if it is left unchecked for too long you will have problems with your suspension not handling all of the bumps along the road and your vehicle can even bottom out on larger bumps causing damage to the undercarriage.

How Can You Check Your Coil Springs?

The most common problem induced by coil spring wear is a coil spring that has been compressed. When this happens, your car, truck, van, or SUV will sit lower than it should so that there is less distance for the chassis to travel when going over larger bumps. To check for this you can easily look at how your car or truck is sitting when it is on an even surface.

Park your vehicle and crouch behind to see if the rear frame is sitting lower to the ground, and especially if the frame is sitting lower on one side. This unevenness could be due to one coil spring or leaf spring being more worn or damaged than the other. Repeat this for the front suspension by crouching in front of the vehicle.

Of course a telltale sign is if your vehicle has started to bottom out when you go over bumps while driving. This is a sure sign that your suspension system, including your coil springs, needs to be inspected closely and probably in need of repair. Additionally, if you hear a grinding noise while going over a bumpy road, this can also be an indication that your coil spring has broken and needs immediate attention. Watch and listen for any of these signs to determine if you need to replace your coil springs.

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