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Dec 6th 2020

How to Measure U-Bolts on Your Vehicle

How to Measure U-Bolts on Your Vehicle

Most people aren’t aware that when they change out their leaf springs, that they should also get new U-bolts. At the same time, you don’t necessary have to wait until your leaf spring suspension runs out to have your U-bolts replaced. At any rate, whatever your reason is, if you are going to get new U-bolts, you will need to know how to properly measure the ones you currently have in order to replace them with the right one.

About U-Bolts

The main function of a U-bolt is for connecting the axle of your vehicle to the pack of leaf springs for an optimal suspension system. It kind of works like a big industrial paperclip—with threads that hold the entire suspension system together! The U-bolts are made to form around the leaf springs and stretch as the nuts are tightened down on the rod. The metal of the U-bolt is soft enough to move with the torque and pressure from the axle and the drive shaft, making is flexible enough for the leaf springs to absorb impacts along the road.

3 Types of U-Bolts

There are three types of U-bolts available. This depends on the suspension design of your truck, SUV, car, van or recreational vehicle:

  • Semi-round
  • Round
  • Square

Measuring U-Bolts

When ordering your U-bolt, the manufacturer will need certain measurements. First, you need to know exactly what kinds of measurements are needed. There are three types of measurements for U-bolts: the A Measurement, the B Measurement, and the Leg Length.

A Measurement – This measures the diameter of the rod.

B Measurement – This measures the inside width of the U-bolt. It is needed to determine the type of bend rod that the manufacturer needs in order to give the U-bolt the right width.

Leg Length – The leg length measures the overall length of the U-bolt. This is determined by measuring from the highest point of the U-bolt to the last thread. It is always best to round up when measuring the leg length as the manufacturer will have a better idea of which rod to use.

Where to Find the Right U-Bolt

When it comes to finding the right manufacturer for U-bolt replacements, General Spring is the place to look to. For over 50 years, we have been perfecting the science of vehicle suspension systems for your car, truck, SUV, van, and recreational transportation. We not only provide U-bolts, but also specialize in leaf spring suspension, coil springs, and load support attachment parts. In addition, we custom design suspension parts for those out-of date vehicles that are no longer in production.

General Spring, Your U-Bolt Supplier

General Spring is located in New Century, Kansas. Here, we provide a full service shop, but we also are equipped and fully stocked to take orders online and ship them out at a moment’s notice while carefully inspecting our products before shipping them out to you. If you are interested in purchasing U-bolts from us or seeing what other type of suspension parts we have to offer, view our online inventory here. If you require a custom-made U-bolt or leaf spring, call us toll free at 888-829-0619. Local inquires can call 913-829-0619 or contact us online right now!