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Dec 14th 2021

How to Upgrade Your Suspension for a Snowplow

How to upgrade your suspension for a snowplow

For those who want to be prepared and make shoveling snow easier, it's time to upgrade your truck's leaf spring suspension to be better equipped for a snowplow. Failing to do this can lead to your inadequate truck suspension unable to support the snowplow, prompting disastrous consequences.

Many truck owners may not know where to start or need guidance and resources. This quick guide will give you all the information you need to safely  upgrade your truck's leaf spring suspension system.

Can You Get a Snowplow On Any Truck?

Essentially, yes — you can use a snowplow with just about any truck. Unless your truck came with a snowplow prep package, you need to ensure the plow fits your truck's specific requirements. If you don't have a snowplow prep package, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right snowplow for you and your truck's leaf spring suspension system.

In addition to plow type and material, one of the most important factors to consider is the plow's weight. If your desired snowplow is too heavy for your truck, it puts stress on the front axle and suspension and could cause issues with braking. For obvious reasons, this can be very problematic when driving in snowy conditions.

When shopping for and comparing snowplows, consult the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which refers to the total maximum weight your vehicle can safely carry. A higher GVWR lets you install and carry heavier, wider snowplows without causing safety or automotive issues. Consult your owners manual if you're unsure.

After determining what size plow is best for you, consider the type and material. Snowplows come in:

  • Straight designs: Straight plows are ideal for pushing snow in one direction and moving snow away from buildings.
  • V designs: These designs are great for beginning work on snow piles and pushing through unbroken snow.
  • Containment plows: Containment plows move a large volume of snow in a timely manner to minimize repeated plowing for ultimate efficiency.

Most plow types are available in plastic, steel and other materials.

Once you have your snowplow picked, it's time to revisit your suspension system. We recommend considering two options for leaf spring suspension system upgrades — the Timbren Suspension System (SES) and heavy duty coil springs. Doing so will help your truck compensate for the additional weight and avoid the negative consequences of the increased burden.

Timbren Suspension Enhancement System (SES)

If the leaf spring suspension system on your truck cannot handle the type of snowplow you want or need, there are some excellent options available to upgrade your snowplow suspension system.

After extensive testing in harsh conditions, we recommend the Timbren SES. This Suspension Enhancement System is incredibly durable and customizable to fit your truck's specific type and need. With countless kits available to meet your truck's unique specifications — even for a multitude of different purposes ranging from towing to RVs — as well as the easy installation, the Timbren SES is perfect for those wanting to upgrade their plowing suspension.

The Timbren SES is perfect for trucks with snowplows because of its durability. The SES helps stabilize your vehicle while you're busy clearing snow and can handle even the most demanding jobs. For those looking to upgrade their suspension and make their snowplowing job easier and more comfortable — as well as safer for your truck — the Timbren SES is an excellent option.

This option works best for trucks that consistently have a lot of weight on the front end. While this suspension system upgrade is great for leveling and smoothing out your ride with a snowplow attached, driving unloaded can lead to a rather stiff and uncomfortable ride if you don't have front-end support for plow attachments. This option is best for those with a consistent heavy front end which will see extensive usage of heavy plows.

Heavy Duty Coil Springs

If your snowplow truck has worn or factory-made spring coils, heavy duty coil springs are an ideal option for you. This is because using a snowplow is an increased burden for your truck's leaf spring suspension system. Continuing to use factory-made spring coils can lead to sagging and increased wear and tear because they aren't designed to handle the weight of a snowplow, in addition to the truck itself.

Over time, these springs can eventually break or cause more costly damage to the suspension system. Heavy duty coil snowplow springs avoid this by raising the load capacity of your vehicle, which also increases the GVWR of your truck while helping absorb additional external shocks that could wear down factory-made springs. This ensures your leaf spring suspension system is fully capable of handling the increased weight while also equipping it to last years.

If you were to look at most city-owned or private trucks that plow snow, you'd likely see them standing taller than a typical truck. This is because they're using heavy duty coil springs, which raise the height of your vehicle. The increased height can be handy for several reasons, such as avoiding debris and obstacles while in transit and snowplowing locations or preventing damage to the bottom of the truck.

Heavy duty coil springs are an excellent option for truck owners who want to install a snowplow but don't see themselves plowing snow on a regular basis. It allows for some versatility in your truck. However, if you plan to plow snow for a substantial amount of time, your best option will likely be the Timbren SES.

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