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Dec 6th 2020

Nissan Frontier: Which Kind of Suspension is the Right One?

Nissan Frontier: Which Kind of Suspension is the Right One?

The Nissan Frontier comes with a very robust stock suspension for heavy-duty work, but not all trucks are used the same depending on the overall intent of the owner. While some primarily drive their pickup to and from work and use it for light recreation on the weekends, others put their truck to work carrying heavy loads, towing equipment and traveling over rough terrain. Luckily, you aren't stuck with your factory-installed leaf spring suspension.

If you are finding that you routinely need to overload your pickup, you will be happy to know that there are options to increase the load capacity of your truck by improving the suspension. Whether you just need a suspension replacement or a suspension upgrade, the team at General Spring can help you decide how to get more out of your Nissan Frontier pickup truck. We offer a complete range of products for Nissan Frontier leaf springs and other quality suspension replacement parts and products.

Information You Need to Know if you are Replacing your Nissan Frontier Leaf Springs

Repairing or upgrading your Nissan Frontier's suspension system is relatively easy and affordable with General Spring leaf spring kits. However, for a simple replacement of the leaf springs on a Nissan Frontier, you can have a few challenges. Even though the leaf springs remained the same size from 1998 until 2004, you still had many differences due to the truck model. So it's crucial to consider the particular model and year of your Frontier when shopping for a leaf spring replacement.

Leaf springs differ between the 2-wheel drive 6- cylinder model and the 2-wheel drive 4-cylinder model, as well as the 4X4 model and the supercharged 4X4 model. After 2005, all you needed to consider was a difference between the regular duty springs and heavy duty springs, even though these springs would not fit older model trucks.

We offer leaf springs designed to the original factory specifications for easy installation on your vehicle. Our selection includes Nissan Frontier standard and heavy-duty rear leaf springs in three-leaf, four-leaf and five-leaf configurations. Kits come with rear eye bushings. We also carry all of the bolts, U bolts, hangers and shackles you need for a complete Nissan leaf spring replacement.

What Options Do You Have to Improve Your Nissan Frontier's Suspension Capacity?

If you want to increase the load capacity of your suspension, we carry leaf spring kits capable of handling more weight than the factory original or standard equipment. Custom solutions are also available based on your unique requirements.

If you do not want to install heavy-duty leaf springs, there are a few simple additions that we can recommend, including Timbrens and SuperSprings.

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems (SES) can be easily installed by bolting them in place to absorb the excessive loads on your leaf springs. These hollow rubber springs increase stability and suspension and reduce sway while providing better load capacity. The rubber cushions simply absorb the road shock and automatically adjust for uneven loads, with no airlines or fittings.

Timbrens are easy to install using basic hand tools, with projects typically completed in a matter of minutes. Since there are no airlines or fittings to allow leaks, you benefit from virtually zero maintenance and lasting, trouble-free suspension support. You'll notice the difference in improved ride quality and balance carrying heavy loads as well as in challenging road conditions.

SuperSprings are additional springs that bolt right over your existing leaf springs but do not add any unnecessary strain or stiffness. This product will only engage when the leaf springs reach their capacity, so your standard suspension is not affected during normal operation. SuperSprings are easily installed and require no maintenance, yet improve your ride handling by 30%.

If you're having trouble carrying and towing to maximum capacity or your suspension is sagging or making squeaking, groaning and rattling sounds, this innovative product can fix the problem. We offer Nissan Frontier SuperSprings for regular loading and heavy loading, and 2x4 and 4x4, for all model years. Installing SuperSprings is typically accomplished in less than an hour. There's no drilling or cutting or additional ongoing maintenance required.

General Spring: The Place for Nissan Frontier Replacement Parts or Suspension Upgrades

We have been the leaf springs and suspension authority since 1965! As experts in suspension products, we specialize in leaf springs, coil springs, add a leafs, load support and attachment parts. Our experienced team offers unmatched product knowledge and technical support to complete repairs quickly and economically. We'll work with you to provide the guidance you need to determine which kind of suspension is right for your Nissan Frontier.

Our customer base knows that we supply quality products from reliable North American manufacturers that meet or exceed OEM standards. In addition, because we inspect every part before shipping, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive the right product in working order every time. Our massive selection and inventory means we always have the items you require in stock for a fast turnaround on orders. All of our Nissan leaf springs come backed by a one-year warranty.

From low prices and reliable shipping across the United States to industry-leading service and support, we take the worry out of purchasing aftermarket replacement parts for Nissan Frontier suspensions. If you have a special project and are in need of custom leaf springs, General Spring is the place to turn. We can have leaf springs made specifically to meet your needs, and we can also custom make leaf springs for any application including older vehicles where springs are no longer readily available.

Get in Touch About Nissan Leaf Spring Replacements

Whether you have rugged applications that are taking their toll on your standard suspension system or you own an aging vehicle that requires new leaf springs, we have you covered. We have the products, knowledge and advice you need for any suspension project.

Shop our website today, or contact us online for more information on which kind of suspension is the right one for your Nissan Frontier. We look forward to answering any other questions you have about leaf springs and the Nissan Frontier suspension system and providing assistance in placing your order.