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Dec 6th 2020

Roadmaster Active Suspension and Your Vehicle

Roadmaster Active Suspension and Your Vehicle

There are times when you want to improve your factory-installed suspension without doing a full replacement with heavy-duty products. One example may be a scenario where you want improved load capacity when you are fully loaded, but you do not want to have problems when your load is empty. One of the most ingenious solutions to this problem is the Roadmaster Active Suspension System .

What is the Roadmaster Active Suspension System and How Does it Work?

The Roadmaster Active Suspension System works alongside your current leaf spring suspension to act like an air bag, track bar and sway bar combined. This gives you the best combination possible at one great price. By attaching the Roadmaster springs to your leaf springs, you convert your passive leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system by absorbing and dissipating the load force that is imposed on your vehicle.

Without compromising ride quality, the Roadmaster springs will add critical strength to your leaf springs so that they can take on the extra loads that can cause your vehicle to bottom out. It will also improve your axel wrap, wheel hop, reduce sway, body roll, and road performance. Aside from the improved suspension, this can help to also improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as well.

If you are dealing with unbalanced loads, the Roadmaster Active Suspension can also be independently adjusted to compensate, and this innovative suspension product presents no wear due to friction since there is no movement between the Roadmaster Active Suspension and the leaf spring axle bracket or spring eye.

Automatic adjustments happen to align with the tension spring, irrespective of the deflection or reflection of the leaf springs. In this way, the axle and coil springs are always aligned in the direction that force is applied for the best performance. Because this design will eliminate the shock put on the suspension system itself, you will likely extend the life of existing leaf springs, shackles and shock absorbers.

General Spring: For Roadmaster Active Suspension and Other Suspension Solutions

At General Spring, we have been in the leaf spring and suspension business for almost 50 years, and in that time, our team has learned what it takes to find the right product for our customers who want to improve their suspension load capacity. We specialize in leaf springs, coil springs, add-a-leafs, load support and attachment parts, and because we verify every product before shipping, we can guarantee you will get a good quality product that is right the first time.

If you are looking to upgrade your suspension for better load capacity, or if you are needing to replace old, worn, cracked or broken springs, we have the right products and service you need to get the job done right. We’ll help you find the right type of suspension product at a price that is within your budget.

If you are local to New Century, KS you can call us at 913-829-0619, and national customers can call us toll free at 1-888-829-0619. When you are looking for the Roadmaster Active Suspension System, or any other suspension products for your vehicle, turn to General Spring where your satisfaction is always guaranteed. You can also contact us online right now!