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Dec 6th 2020

​How Will Roadmaster Active Suspension Affect Your Vehicle’s Ride?

How Will Roadmaster Active Suspension Affect Your Vehicle’s Ride?

While everyone is trying to increase the load capacity of their car, truck, van, or SUV with Add-a-Leaf Kits, SuperSprings, and Heavy Duty Coil Springs—which are all effective, what most automotive distributors won’t tell you is that while the ride for these loads will reduce swaying and help keep your vehicle balanced, and for some of these suspension parts, when the vehicle is unloaded, it provides a more sensitive ride.

This is usually not a problem for work vehicles like farm equipment or recreational transports, but for those rides that occasionally carry or tow weighty loads might want to consider the Roadmaster Active Suspension system.

If you’re wondering how the Roadmaster Active Suspension will affect your vehicle’s ride, here’s a list of helpful facts that may convince you why this might be the best purchase for your existing suspension system.

  1. The Roadmaster Active Suspension will add about an inch lift. This will prevent the headlights from rising and possibly blinding oncoming traffic.
  2. The Roadmaster Active Suspension allows for safer navigation throughout the road that will result in less wear and tear on your tires and entire suspension system. This in turn will preserve it, consequently reducing the amount of time and money needed to replace it. This ultimately saves you money.
  3. This suspension system allows your vehicle to maintain a decent amount of speed while towing and handling heavy loads.
  4. The best feature about the Roadmaster Active Suspension system is that your ride will not harden, even if the load is empty.
  5. This system is perfect for pick-up trucks that have a short bed. This suspension system will allow your small truck to drive as smoothly.
  6. One thing to remember about this kind of suspension system is that it is not designed to increase the load handling capability, but it will certainly improve the load that the vehicle is supporting.
  7. Your car, truck, van, SUV, or recreational vehicle stability will increase. That means that your safety increases!

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