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Dec 6th 2020

Suspension Parts that Need Replaced on Your Jeep

Suspension Parts that Need Replaced on Your Jeep

Jeeps are known for enduring tough roads. That’s why when the suspension starts to flatten out, truck owners barely notice it because it may seem natural for these vehicles to make some noise when barreling over those punishing terrains. The truth is even with durable vehicles like the Jeep, these things shouldn’t be ignored.

The more a Jeep is used, the more it may lean when making turns, shake when hitting bumps in the road, or have more play in the steering wheel. Suspension parts wear our on a gradual basis. Such tell tale signs won’t always be so obvious. That’s why you should get your Jeep’s suspension checked almost as often as you get an oil change, depending on how often you drive it and what you use it for.

How to Check if Your Suspension System Needs Replaced

If you’re a mechanic, you might be able to save yourself a couple hundred of dollars and check the suspension system on your Jeep yourself. One of the ways to do this is to measure the height of your Jeep. First, make sure that your Jeep is parked on level pavement. Then you should step back and determine if the truck itself sits level. If it does, then you may very well need to have some or all of your suspension system’s parts replaced.

What Type of Suspension Parts Typically Need Replaced?

If the back part of your Jeep sits level or even a little lower, then what you’ll most likely need are leaf spring replacements. General Spring, a suspension part manufacturer and replacement company based in New Century, KS has a wide array of leaf spring replacements for all Jeeps including the Wrangler, Cherokee (XJ), Comanche, Jeepster/Commando, CJ/DJ, Wagoneer, and Postal Jeep.

If you find that the front end seems dipped down a little more, then you have to consider that the front end of your truck may look like it’s a little lower because the back end of your Jeep is purposely set up a bit higher to accommodate for the additional weight that is usually placed on the back. In this case, the front end is actually at the right height.

Other important suspension parts that may need replacing are your U-bolt and leaf spring bolts. These items are what keep your leaf springs attached to the axle. These too can wear out over time due to road debris and harsh weather elements. To learn more about U-bolts, click here. You can also read, “Reasons to Check Your U-Bolts” here.

General Spring: Helping Keep Your Jeep Leveled!

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