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Dec 3rd 2020

Suspension Upgrade for Dodge Durango

With huge cargo space and plenty of room to ride, you own the road in your Dodge Durango. It has all the power of an SUV for off-road adventures and the comfort you want for day-to-day tasks. It can take you from city streets to mountain trails and rocky beaches effortlessly.

You put your Dodge Durango through a lot, and it can take it — but hefty loads and rough terrain can wear down the leaf springs in your Durango. The smooth, controlled drive you're used to can give way to a bumpy ride while your vehicle sways and leans. But with regular maintanence and upgrades, it doesn't have to.

At General Spring, we have the parts you need to upgrade your suspension and get your Dodge Durango back on the road smoothly and safely in no time.

Suspension Upgrade for Dodge Durango

When you drive a vehicle with the size and capacity of a Dodge Durango, you know how much it matters to have the support of a strong suspension system. Look no further than General Spring for suspension upgrades for Dodge Durangos.

Dodge Durango Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are the most basic type of spring used for suspension. The simple design makes leaf springs easy to install, while their flexibility provides support for your vehicle and absorbs shock. If you have noticed your Durango riding lower to the ground than usual or you seem to feel every bump and pothole along the road, it is most likely time to replace your leaf springs.

General Spring has the perfect selection of Dodge Durango leaf springs for model years 1998 to 2003.

SuperSprings for Your Dodge Durango

You want support from your Dodge Durango suspension when you are transporting a heavy load, but you don't want the stiffness of heavy-duty springs when you're not. SuperSprings offer a unique solution.

SuperSprings use innovative technology to engage only when your springs are at maximum capacity. You can enjoy a smooth, controlled ride while hauling or towing in your Dodge Durango — without swaying, sagging or dragging.

If it sounds like SuperSprings might be the right choice for you, check our inventory at General Spring to find a SuperSpring suspension kit for your Dodge Durango.

The General Spring Advantage

Look no further than General Spring for over 50 years of experience when it comes to leaf springs and suspension systems. We offer the lowest prices on leaf springs and fast shipping nationwide. All the parts we sell meet or exceed OEM specifications, so you know you're getting the best materials on the market.

You could spend hours searching for leaf springs to fit the specific model of your car or wait for other suppliers to get the parts you need in stock. Or you could order from General Spring and have them delivered to your door.

Order the parts you need to upgrade your Dodge Durango suspension online today and enjoy fast shipping. If you would like more assistance in placing your order, contact usso we can get your vehicle back to pristine condition.