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Dec 6th 2020

How to Know if the Squeak You Hear is From Your Suspension?

How to Know if the Squeak You Hear is From Your Suspension?

Squeaks, rattles and noises in your car can be common, and it is not always easy to identify where the problem is coming from. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to know if the squeak you hear is coming from your suspension or somewhere else in your car. While it can be difficult to pinpoint the noise, it is important to follow up on these annoying sounds to make sure that further problems do not occur. Not addressing these issues early can lead to expensive maintenance down the road.

What Noises Could Be Coming From the Suspension?

It is always important to look into these noises before a slight wear becomes something more problematic.Since your suspension is designed to absorb the bumps from rough road conditions, any suspension noise will be heard only when you are moving. A knock that happens when you go over a bump might be worn shocks that are allowing your coil springs to vibrate, and a rattle could be caused by suspension parts becoming loose and shifting while in use.

How to Inspect for Damage and Wear?

It can be fairly easy to see if any part of your suspension is worn by parking your vehicle on a flat surface and looking down low towards the front and back of the vehicle. If one side is sitting lower than the other, often called sagging, you may have springs that are worn unevenly. It is best to check further for loosening, wear or breakage.By jacking the car up and removing the tire, it is fairly simple to gain access to inspect the leaf springs. When checking leaf springs, it’s best to clean them with a wire brush to remove any debris, as it will give you a better view of any problems.

Look closely to see if any bolts have become loose because this can allow the leaves, especially the smaller leaves, to move out of position and cause problems. Along with checking that all the bolts are tight, look for uneven wear or small cracks on the leaf springs or coil springs. This wear or cracking can lead to potential problems that can make your suspension unsafe for use. If any damage is found, it’s best to replace these parts immediately to avoid further problems.

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