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Dec 6th 2020

Top 5 Ways Custom Leaf Kits Improve a Truck's Performance

Top 5 Ways Custom Leaf Kits Improve a Truck's Performance

If you are looking to add some lift to your truck or SUV, there are a few ways that you can do this. Replacing your factory leaf springs with more heavy-duty leaf springs is one of the ways. Then there are other situations when you just need to replace the ones you have. You don’t necessarily need to be towing or pulling extreme loads in order to improve your truck’s performance. It is not uncommon to purchase a used truck or SUV only to discover that your leaf springs might be flattening out a bit. In cases like this, a replacing your existing leaf springs with a brand new leaf kit is the perfect solution.

Here are 5 ways a new leaf kit can improve your truck or SUV’s performance:

  1. Leaf kits are a proven way to lifting vehicles.
  2. Newer manufactured leaf kits custom designed for a particular vehicle will increase the payload capacity.
  3. Custom leaf kits may add additional height to your truck or SUV.
  4. Custom leaf kits may last a little longer that factory leaf springs
  5. Leaf kits will helps level a truck when it is heavily loaded with a plow or heavy bumper

Why You Might Need a Leaf Spring Replacement

Leaf springs can flatten out from harsh road conditions or from hauling or towing heavy loads. This is found most often with older vehicles. Usually with the newer models, owners will just go to the dealership to get a leaf spring replacement. That is not the case for the older models. Oftentimes, automotive replacement parts are hard to find with older vehicles. Many people will just go to the junkyard in hopes to find what they need.

Getting Custom Made Leaf Kits

When it comes to replacing a suspension part for an older vehicle, all you have to do contact the expert mechanics at General Spring in New Century, KS to find the right leaf kit for your truck or SUV. With General Spring, you can get an your old leaf springs switched out with brand new ones. Gone are the days of having to call every junkyard in the area in hopes that they might have a leaf kit that matches your vehicle. Even if you are lucky enough to find it, you may have to drive there to pick it up. Junkyards don’t deliver.

Where Can You Buy Brand New Leaf Kits?

General Spring not only supplies leaf kits for older vehicles, they also deliver them anywhere in the United States.

If you didn’t see the leaf kit that you are looking for, General Spring also manufactures custom leaf springs for you. Simply call our customer service department and one of our skilled mechanics will design the leaf spring you need for any vehicle you are driving.

General Spring: Custom Designing Leaf Kits for You

General Spring has been in the automotive suspension parts business since 1965. As a result, we consider ourselves the authority in leaf spring and suspension parts. If you need to replace old, worn, cracked, or broken springs, or are in need of a heavy-duty suspension part, call us today toll free at 888-829-0619, or place your order and ask us a question online now!