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Dec 6th 2020

How Upgrading to Heavy Duty Leaf Springs Changes Your Vehicle's Ride

How Upgrading to Heavy Duty Leaf Springs Changes Your Vehicle's Ride

If your leaf springs have worn out before you expected, you might want to think about upgrading to heavy-duty springs rather than just replacing what you have with the equivalent product. Before you make this decision, it’s important to think through whether there could be any downside to upgrading to heavy-duty leaf springs. Not every vehicle is used in the same manner, so each vehicle has its own needs when it comes to leaf springs, and knowing your usage is vital when deciding on what replacement leaf springs to purchase.

Heavy-duty springs will eliminate the sagging, wheel-hoping, swaying and squatting that you might be experiencing with your vehicle, and will add some overall stiffness to your ride. By adding to the stiffness of the spring, you’ll see better load handling and less leaf spring wear.

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The Difference Between Riding with a Full Load and Riding Empty

Probably the biggest thing to note about using heavy-duty springs is the difference you’ll see and feel between driving with a full load and driving without a load. With heavy-duty leaf springs, you’ll be able to carry more weight and see less wear on your leaf springs, because they’re designed to handle the larger load without deforming to the point that their structure becomes compromised. Heavy-duty leaf springs are stronger and resist bending as easily as regular leaf springs so that the load will ride better without the leaf spring bottoming out. This can be a great help if you are hauling extremely heavy loads.

However, there is something else to consider about heavy-duty leaf springs. If you regularly travel without a load in your vehicle then the heavy-duty springs can sit a bit high when they’re not under load. This can cause some problems with the handling of your vehicle in certain situations. If you are rarely without a load, this is not an issue, however, if you routinely drive without any load then consider using SuperSprings instead, which will take any additional load only after the regular leaf springs carry their maximum load.

What's the Difference Between Heavy Duty Leaf Springs and OEM Replacement Springs?

When you're considering an upgrade to heavy-duty leaf springs, it's important to note how they are different than an OEM replacement. While HD leaf springs are typically the same width, they may be thicker than a standard part. Perhaps the most significant difference in the two types of kits is there are generally additional leaves in a heavy-duty suspension, providing for the increased carry and towing capacity and enhanced ability to absorb impacts from the road.

How to Determine if You Need a Heavy Duty Upgrade

In some instances, such as when you are using pickups as work vehicles on construction sites, or you have other robust commercial applications, it's clear an upgrade to heavy-duty leaf springs make good sense. Otherwise, you have to consider a variety of factors ranging from how you use your truck to how your standard suspension performs under regular use.

When you frequently tow to maximum capacity or haul heavy workloads regularly, a heavy-duty solution can make a positive impact. Have you already previously had to replace your leaf springs or had other issues with your suspension? These are often indicators you need an upgrade.

On the other hand, if your factory-installed leaf springs have always been reliable and you use your truck for driving long distances and regular transportation purposes, these are factors that suggest you may be best with an OEM replacement.

Pros and Cons of Heavy Duty Leaf Springs

When considering upgrading to heavy-duty leaf springs, it's crucial to weigh all of the benefits alongside any potential negatives. First, let's consider some of the advantages. HD leaf springs instantly and significantly increase your truck's lift and tow capacity. Heavy-duty kits are built for demanding applications and will last longer under regular use, reducing costs associated with replacing them more frequently. You can essentially turn an everyday truck into a rugged work vehicle ready to handle your toughest tasks.

On the downside, when you upgrade to a heavy-duty suspension, you sacrifice some elements of ride quality and handling because of the stiffer, more substantial set of springs. Your vehicle may accelerate a bit slower and not transition smoothly between sharp turns. An HD leaf spring kit is typically slightly more expensive and performs differently than your original equipment.

What Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Upgrades Are Offered by General Spring?

Whether you're shopping for a Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Dakota or any other make or model truck, General Spring can provide a heavy-duty leaf spring upgrade that fits your vehicle. We carry two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive kits for front and back suspensions with options for a wide range of model years. General Spring also offers custom HD leaf springs to meet just about any specifications. We can tailor a solution for older trucks and vehicles with specialty applications.

General Spring: The Team to Call for Expert Advice

At General Spring we’ll help you find the right leaf springs for your vehicle. As a full-service shop, we have the experience you need when choosing your replacement leaf springs. The knowledgeable individuals you talk to on the phone are the same people installing suspension products in our shop. Any of our team members can give you expert advice that will be tailored to your unique situation.

So, if you are looking to upgrade your leaf springs, why not give us a call? We are ready to answer all your questions and offer the right product for your needs. If you are local to New Century, KS you can call us at 913-829-0619, while national customers can call toll free at 1-888-829-0619.

When you are looking for heavy-duty leaf springs for your vehicle, the experts at General Spring should be the first phone call you make. We'll be happy to answer all your questions and assist in placing your order for an HD leaf spring upgrade today.

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