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Dec 6th 2020

What are Timbrens and How Do They Improve Load Carrying?

What are Timbrens and How Do They Improve Load Carrying?

If you are looking for ways to improve the load carrying capacity of your vehicle, there are a couple options to explore, one of which being a Timbrens suspension enhancement system or bump stop. These kits are easier to install than replacing your leaf springs with heavy duty leaf springs and are available for many different model trucks including: Ford, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Dodge, Chevrolet and Isuzu.

Benefits of a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System

The load handling design of Timbren systems combat many of the problems that are present with the use of heavy loads and trailers. Suspension sag of the front and rear suspensions are caused by heavy loads, and are often eliminated by reducing the wear due to road shock. This improves the rough ride that is often present with over stressed suspension springs.

Another problem that’s handled by the automatically adjusting Timbren system is the body rolling due to uneven weight distribution. By keeping the vehicle level, you’ll experience improved steering and reduced braking and tire wear. Timbrens also eliminate trailer sway, which can cause problems due to drifting, crosswinds, or even passing heavy trucks on the highway.

Easy to Install Use and Maintain

The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kit from General Spring can be installed in minutes with no airlines to attach and no holes to drill. Using only basic hand tools, the kit attaches to your existing suspension to absorb road shock and will automatically adjust for road conditions and uneven loads. Maintenance is simple since there are no fittings to break or airlines to leak.

Timbrens incorporate AEON hollow rubber springs, which aid your existing leaf springs in the handling of rough road conditions. These rubber springs are reliable and quite effective as part of the improved performance of your vehicle suspension. They have been proving themselves for over 30 years with our customers. These kits have an industry best lifetime warranty to ensure you’re satisfied.

For Timbrens and Springs, Look to General Spring

Whether you are looking for products to strengthen your suspension system, or to replace worn or damaged suspension parts, General Spring is the place to turn. We have been an automotive leaf spring and suspension authority since 1965, and our dedicated team has the know-how to help you find the right product every time.

We are confident that we will find the products you need because our team members who will assist you are the same technicians who install our products on customer vehicles in our local facility. We operate a full service shop in New Century, KS and also ship out to the entire United States, and even around the world.

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