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Dec 6th 2020

What Is a Leaf Spring?

What Is a Leaf Spring?

Like many auto parts, a leaf spring is one of those items you never know you need until it breaks or wears down. Without leaf springs, you'd be in for a much bumpier and rougher ride around town. For centuries, people have used leaf springs to smooth out their rides, whether in an automobile or a horse-drawn carriage. While you probably don't associate leaf springs with luxury, they're essential to your comfort as you drive a truck. Leaf springs are essential to your utility and comfort as you drive a truck and tow any loads.

Learn more about what leaf springs are and how the modern auto industry uses them.

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Leaf Spring Definition

A leaf spring is a suspension system for vehicles that has been in use since medieval times. They were initially called carriage or laminated springs. This tried-and-true system was primarily in use on almost all vehicles up to the 1970s, and you'll still see them today on trucks and vans that haul heavy loads.

The leaf spring consists of an arc-shaped, slender piece of steel stacked with the same material in smaller sizes and bolted together, creating a reinforced bow-like item. When attached to the rear axle and the chassis, it supports any weight added to a vehicle, preventing the axle from buckling and snapping from the pressure.

In the simplest terms, a leaf spring refers to a spring featuring multiple layers of metal bracketed together. They're essential to the suspension systems of vehicles.

What Is the Purpose of a Leaf Spring?

The overall purpose of a leaf spring is to provide support for a vehicle. It also creates a smoother ride by absorbing any bumps or potholes in the road. Additionally, leaf springs locate the axle and control the height at which the vehicle rides, while keeping the tires aligned on the road.

Because of these benefits, leaf springs are in high demand. Casual transportation is only one of the ways leaf springs have contributed to our transportation industry. These days, leaf springs are more popular with heavy commercial vehicles like trucks, SUVs and vans.


The need to support farm equipment inspired leaf springs' invention. In the past, when agriculture was the major industry leader, leaf springs were a significant advancement. Improvements like the leaf spring made it easier and faster for farmers to haul and transport trade goods. Though leaf spring design has improved over the years, today's farming equipment uses the same concept.

Hauling and Plowing With Industrial Equipment

Without the use of leaf springs, construction vehicles would be unable to haul heavy loads. Construction vehicles need to have the capacity to carry heavy items like brick, stone, concrete and other massive materials. A vehicle's design is just as important as its size in supporting overbearing loads. Adding leaf springs to your construction vehicle helps it handle heavier loads and avoid breakdowns and unnecessary expenses.

In addition to transporting construction items, leaf springs also benefit vehicles in areas with lots of snow. High volumes of snow can get heavy once they freeze. Equipping trucks and snowplows with heavy-duty leaf springs will alleviate any unnecessary stress, helping them last through the winter.


Tow trucks and other vehicles that regularly pull vehicles or trailers need leaf springs. If you need to tow, you must ensure your truck's leaf springs are in working order before taking on any job. Since trucks will need to tow other heavy vehicles either behind them or on a platform, heavy-duty leaf springs are essential to protect your axle from breakdowns due to excessive weight.

If you're towing another vehicle behind you, it's essential to understand that your truck's back wheels will take some of the vehicle's weight. One of the uses of leaf springs on your tow truck is handling this extra weight. Leaf springs also help a vehicle's suspension system adjust to the weight, keeping your truck at the best position and height.

Try Super Springs

When you need to move heavier loads when towing and keep your ride running smoothly, you might consider adding SuperSprings. A SuperSpring is a unique self-adjusting stabilizing system that helps reduce the body roll or sway of your vehicle and improve its handling without compromising ride quality.

By combining the capacity of airbags, the steady performance of shock absorbers and the control of a sway bar in a single spring, SuperSprings provide extra load support for your vehicle and can carry more weight safely and securely. SuperSprings consist of high-quality steel and use a dual-roller shackle that facilitates self-adjusting and movement.

You can choose from a wide variety of different-sized springs for support in multiple applications, and our SuperSprings allow for ease of installation in less than an hour to help you get back on the road faster. You can install SuperSprings right on top of your existing leaf springs with standard, easy-to-use hand tools, and maintenance is simple. SuperSprings will help keep your trucks, vans, RVs and SUVs all level when handling or towing heavy loads and make for a smooth and controlled ride every journey.

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