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Dec 6th 2020

What You Need to Know About SuperSprings and Your Dodge Truck

What You Need to Know About SuperSprings and Your Dodge Truck

Sometimes just adding heavy-duty springs to your Dodge truck isn’t what you need. Heavy-duty springs are great for a truck that is hauling at capacity most of the time. However, if you are often riding with an empty load, you could find that heavy-duty springs can be slightly problematic. What you want is a product that will allow your regular springs to function as designed with light loads, but start working when you need the extra load capacity to prevent leaf spring damage.

This is where SuperSprings from General Spring are ideal.

How do SuperSprings work?

SuperSprings are a revolutionary design that can add load capacity only when needed, and are engineered to work with your existing leaf springs to add capacity when it is required. SuperSprings are manufactured so that they bolt directly over your existing leaf springs in a strain free state so that your ride handling is improved by 30%.

SuperSpring units are only engaged when your load reaches a capacity that regular leaf springs cannot. In this way, you can continue to handle lighter loads with your Dodge truck in the factory suspension state, but also provide assistance when necessary by engaging the roller shackles of the SuperSprings when carrying heavier loads.

This type of suspension system is maintenance free and simple to install since there are no air lines to run, panels to cut, or holes to drill. They simply bolt onto your existing leaf springs. You’ll be ready to use them in a much shorter time that many other suspension improvement products. Additionally, you do not have the worry of leaks, ruptures, or punctures that come with products that include air bags.

If you need a product that can combine the performance of shocks and the sway control, and the extra load capacity of air bags, then you need to consider SuperSprings for your vehicle.

Need Suspension Parts for Your Dodge Truck? Call General Spring!

General Spring has been an automotive leaf spring and suspension authority since 1965, and since then our commitment to supply quality products, fast shipping and low prices has helped set us apart from the competition. Through our warehousing process, we can check the quality of our products before shipping to our customers so you know you will get the right parts defect-free every time.

We don’t just limit our products to leaf springs, we also specialize in coil springs, add-a-leafs, load support and attachment parts. If you need a product for your suspension, we are confident that we can help you find the right type of suspension accessory at a price that is affordable. We still operate a full service shop to meet your installation needs, but we can also ship our products throughout the entire United States and overseas.

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