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Dec 6th 2020

What You Need to Know about Your Trailers Leaf Springs

What You Need to Know about Your Trailers Leaf Springs

Everyone worries about the leaf springs and suspension products that are installed on their vehicle, and why not? With all of the turning and jarring that happens when driving, you will feel every bump on the road if your suspension system isn’t working properly. Nothing is more important to giving you a smooth and comfortable ride than the suspension in your car or truck, but have you considered the leaf springs on your trailer?

Why are Trailer Leaf Springs Important?

While you will not feel every bump and thump if your trailer leaf springs are worn or defective, your cargo most definitely will. Any delicate cargo you may have in your trailer, such as glass or boxes of pottery, could be damaged due to excessive jarring when your leaf springs are not doing their job. Losing a delicate load is a high price to pay for not properly maintaining the suspension on your trailer.

In fact, if your suspension if badly damaged on your trailer, this can also cause problems with how your vehicle drives. If your trailer wheels are not properly functioning this can cause the trailer to drag more on your truck and affect the gas mileage while you pull your trailer. You will normally have some drag from your trailer, but making it worse with a bad suspension is not in your best interest.

How Should You Care for Trailer Leaf Springs?

Trailer leaf springs can wear just like regular vehicle leaf springs can, so the same inspections, maintenance and cleaning are required to keep them up to the task. First, have your vehicle on a flat surface and look at it from the back low point to the ground. If one side is sitting lower than the other you might have a problem with leaf spring wear or damage on one side.

Next, you need to remove the wheel so that you can access the leaf springs that are typically behind the wheel. Clean off any dirt or grime that prevents you from inspecting the leaf spring. Check for leaves becoming loose, cracks or wear all along the spring, especially where the spring contacts other parts. Excessive rust can lead to damage, so remove any as best you can. Read more about leaf springs here.

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