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Dec 6th 2020

When to Consider a Suspension Upgrade

When to Consider a Suspension Upgrade

A vehicle suspension system is not always the top priority when you are thinking of vehicle upgrades, but it is an important part of ensuring your vehicle functions properly. Without a properly sized and maintained suspension system you can quickly find that you are overloading your truck during use. Especially if you rely on your truck to perform when you need it you will want to make sure that the suspension system that supports your truck is functioning properly.

When Might You Need to Upgrade Your Suspension System?

There are two times when it is extremely prudent to consider an upgrade to your suspension system. The first is when you are modifying your truck to perform additional tasks that may not have been considered when the design and build happened. If you are choosing to add a heavy duty snow plow to the front of a truck, or hooking up a large and cumbersome trailer to the back, it’s important to make sure that the suspension system that is in place can handle the load. If not you want to upgrade your system before sagging and damage occurs.

  • TUFTRUCK Super Heavy Duty Coil Springs: These extra heavy-duty coil springs can improve the ability to add extra weight such as a heavy trailer to the back of a vehicle or a snow plow to the front, and are an ideal addition for sagging or under-sprung springs on a truck. The TUFTRUCK line is better than anything on the market today and is available for many major truck brands.

When You Want the Best Suspension Products and Service

General Spring has a knowledgeable and dedicated team of service professionals who know what it takes to help you find the right upgrade for your suspension system. We have been leaders in the industry for almost 50 years and we have helped a lot of people like you understand what is needed to make a vehicle suspension system work for you. We know we can find the right products to help you when you need it. In the New Century KS area we can offer you a full service suspension shop, and if you are outside of this area we can ship our products anywhere in the entire United States and the world.

If you need help with your suspension upgrade we can be reached locally at 913-829-0619 and national customers can call us toll free at 1-888-829-0619. When you need the right product knowledge and dedicated service expertise, be sure to give General Spring of Kansas City a call.