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Dec 6th 2020

When to Order Custom Made Leaf Springs | General Spring

When Should You Have Custom Leaf Springs Made?

It is not always easy to find the leaf springs you want and need, especially if you are working on an older model vehicle. Car makers and other leaf spring retail manufacturers will only stock products that they can sell easily, and if you are working on much older vehicles, then the economics for the manufacturers will mean that there is no money in making these products any longer, so they will often stop.

This is especially true if you are working on a one of a kind vehicle that is your pride and joy. In this case you will often have one of two choices: make a standard model fit where you need it and cut some corners, or find a cheaply made and sub-standard spring that might be the right size, but is not the best quality for your top-of-the line rebuilt automobile.

However, there is a third option for you to consider!

When Custom Leaf Springs Make More Sense Call the Specialists

At General Spring we have the ability to have leaf springs custom designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers. If, you have a special application, such as an older vehicle where springs are not readily available anymore or where you want to raise the suspension to put taller or wider tires to make your vehicle sparkle, we can custom design and manufacture the leaf springs for you.

We can often do this at a cheaper cost than any of our competitors while maintaining high quality. Since we have been specialists in the leaf spring and suspension business for almost 50 years, we have acquired enough contacts in the manufacturing industry to supply you with the perfect leaf springs for your unique job faster and less expensively than you could find elsewhere. All the while, you will still be receiving a more reliable product than a cheaply made knock-off.

Where to Go for Custom Leaf Springs

Whether you need to replace old, worn, cracked or broken springs or require a heavy-duty option, General Spring can supply it. This is especially true when you are looking to have a custom leaf spring made for a hard to fit truck, van or SUV. The service team you will speak to are generally the same technicians that install the springs in our full service shop, so this allows them to have hands-on experience while easily answering all of the technical questions you may have.

If you need a full service shop in the New Century, KS area, or you need us to ship out to anywhere in the entire United States and beyond, we are confident that we can help you find the right type of suspension product at a price that is affordable. If you are local to New Century, KS call us at 913-829-0619, and national customers can call us toll free at 1-888-829-0619. Get started by shopping on our online catalog right now. We look forward to hearing from you soon!