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Dec 6th 2020

Why the Elements in Your Farm are Damaging Your Leaf Springs?

Why the Elements in Your Farm are Damaging Your Leaf Springs?

What many people don't think about is the make up of the leaf springs in their vehicles and how it can be affected by the elements of the environment. With the spring made from a stack of several steel leaves bound together, over time, there can be a significant amount of damage caused if dirt particles become trapped between the springs. However, on the farm there is more than dirt that can affect these essential vehicle components.

What Is It About the Farm that Causes Problems?

Along with the heavy dirt load that farm vehicles see, there is often salt and various chemicals that will come in contact with the leaf springs. When these elements become trapped between the different parts of the leaf springs, they can not only cause wear on the different components of the leaf spring, but can also promote corrosion on the steel and other metal components. If not checked and caught early, this corrosion can lead to wear and eventual failure of the suspension.

Where to Look For Spring Leaf Replacements

From smaller cars to pick up trucks and even heavy machinery we have the right springs for your vehicle, and even if you have a unique application, we can design and build the perfect leaf springs for your job. Here is one of our standard heavy application leaf springs that we keep in stock: leaf springs with 6 leaves (5/1) and a capacity of 5,000 pounds. The leaves are 5160 steel, heat treated and shot peened with metal riveted clips to prevent the leaf springs from shifting sideways. These heavy-duty replacement springs correct sag, leaning, and sway in old springs. It also includes tip inserts to reduce friction, prevent squeaking. Bushings are included and these leaf springs are sold per side, so you need to order 2 for a pair.

Quality Products, Fast Service and Low Prices

General Spring replaces old, worn, cracked, and broken springs in addition providing heavy-duty springs. Our company can provide you with the type of suspension product you need. We have suppliers who provide leaf springs made specifically to our designs to meet the heavy-duty needs of our customers. We also have the ability to custom make leaf springs for any application as well as older vehicles where springs may have been discontinued. For almost 50 years General Spring has been doing what it takes to find the right products for our customers.

Call us toll free at 1-888-829-0619. We are still a full service shop, but we also ship out to the entire United States as well as across the world. We can also be contacted by email should you choose to order your leaf spring replacements for your farming equipment online.