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Dec 3rd 2020

Agricultural Industry: Why You Need Heavy Duty Coil Springs

Agricultural Industry: Why You Need Heavy Duty Coil Springs

A vehicle suspension system is built to take a lot of abuse, but none takes more abuse than those used in the agricultural industry. Driving over uneven and bumpy roadways and lanes with a heavy load is probably the hardest thing that a suspension coil spring can take, which is why you need to consider using a heavy duty coil spring when you will be putting your vehicle suspension through such a tough activity.

Heavy Duty Coil Springs: The Benefits of Added Strength

Coil springs are installed on your truck to absorb the compressive force applied to the axle so that it takes some of the load. By doing this the body will not see the loads presented by the road conditions. In this way, your vehicle will be able to hold a greater total weight as it will not have as much deflection because the coil spring absorbs some of the shock and weight by resisting the compression applied.

So if you have a coil spring that is more heavy duty you will absorb more of the weight applied, which will give even better protection to the leaf springs. Installing a heavy-duty coil spring can add the strength to your suspension that you need to plow heavy snow, haul a heavier trailer or to provide more towing capacity on your farm truck 

Ford Heavy Duty Coil Springs: If you are trying to increase capacity in your Ford truck or van, these heavy-duty coil springs are an ideal choice. You may want to add a heavy-duty bumper or a snow plow on your vehicle or need more load capacity. These coil springs give you the extra power. Even with this extra heavy-duty capacity, these springs will typically keep you within an inch of stock ride height. The rated load per coil on these springs ranges from 2,312 – 3,938 pounds. 

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