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Dec 6th 2020

​Why You Should Add Timbrens to Your Chevy Silverado

Why You Should Add Timbrens to Your Chevy Silverado

Sometimes you want to improve the load capacity of your Chevy Silverado, reduce the sway and improve the overall stability without making major modifications to your suspension system. For these situations, you want a light and durable suspension product that can be added to your existing suspension system without excess work or maintenance. A Timbren Suspension Enhancement System from General Spring offers the best of both worlds when it comes to upgrading your suspension without completely replacing it.

How Can Timbrens Help My Suspension?

Timbrens are AEON hollow springs that are made from rubber and can be easily and simply bolted in place to improve your load capacity. They are also ideal for improving roll stability, reducing trailer sway, and preventing suspension sag. Timbrens absorb shock from uneven roads and automatically adjust when you have an uneven load or encounter bad road conditions. When you need an improvement in your vehicle suspension performance, Timbrens may be the perfect solution.

Timbrens are easy to install because they have no holes to drill or airlines to route. Installation typically takes only a matter of minutes with the simplest of hand tools. Our kit easily bolts on to provide a lifetime of trouble free service—simple to install and just as easy to maintain. Since you don’t need to install air lines, there are no lines that require maintenance. To top it off, Timbrens have a lifetime warranty.

Timbrens are not just built for your Chevy Silverado. They can provide a solution for other vehicles as well including mining and logging equipment, agriculture, emergency vehicles, industrial vehicles and highway equipment. If Timbrens are strong enough to survive the punishment seen in these heavy-duty vehicles, you are sure to see the benefits of a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System on your truck.

Does My Chevy Silverado Need Timbrens?

As with any upgrade to your truck, there are pros and cons to adding Timbrens to a Chevy Silverado. We've covered the pros above — as for the cons, the only real consideration is whether or not you can benefit from adding them and, if not, whether your money would be better spent on other upgrades. Typically, at General Spring, we recommend Silverado owners consider installing Timbrens if they:

  • Frequently drive off-road or in rough conditions: Timbrens provide cushioning that can absorb shocks when driving in rough conditions. A set of Timbrens will lessen the impact of bumps for a smoother, safer and more comfortable ride.
  • Experience difficulty carrying heavy loads: Timbrens are great if you frequently haul a boat or trailer. By absorbing the added weight, they minimize the risk of bottoming out and reduce suspension sag, making it easier to haul heavy items.
  • Want to improve handling on the highway: Adding Timbrens to your Silverado will increase roll stability for a smoother ride on the highway with less wallowing — especially when passing heavy trucks or driving through crosswinds at high speeds.
  • Want to reduce wear and tear: Finally, Timbrens play a crucial roll in keeping the weight of your truck evenly distributed across all four corners. This will keep you level, reduce wear on your suspension and make your steering more responsive and predictable.

Whether you use your Silverado for work or play, there's a good chance adding Timbrens will benefit you.

How to Add Timbrens

Adding Timbrens to a Chevy Silverado's suspension is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in most home garages. Your purchase includes all the parts you need to install — the main rubber component, known as the Aeon Spring, as well as a bolt, spacer and washer/nut combination. Installation on most Silverados doesn't require the washer and nut. Here's a quick guide on how it's done:

  • Chock your front tires to prevent the truck from moving while work is in progress
  • Raise the back end of the truck, lifting it by the frame, high enough that your rear axle hangs freely.
  • Remove the back wheels if you prefer having extra room to work
  • Locate the factory jounce stop and remove it, using a 10 mm socket wrench to unfasten the nut inside
  • Thread the bolt included with your Timbren through the Aeon Spring so that it pokes out the top
  • Place the spacer on top of the Timbren where the bolt comes out
  • Install the Timbren by screwing it into the hole where the factory jounce was attached
  • Fasten the Timbrens and reinstall the wheel, if necessary

You'll find detailed instructions included with your purchase. For more information, please contact General Spring and speak to a team member directly.

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